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Verio and GlobalSign Introduce The World's First "One-click SSL" Certificates

viaVerio solution provider partners will be first to offer fast, simple method of establishing SSL security capabilities

April 3, 2008; 02:44 AM


SSL Certificates ensure secure ecommerce and communication over the Internet, and are a must for online storefronts and businesses that use the Internet as a primary means of communication or to share confidential data. SSL Certificates let a company’s customers and business partners know that their privacy is protected when they conduct business online. With the proliferation of security threats that plague the Internet, SSL Certificates are vital for validating control of domain names and protecting confidential information and transactions conducted online.

Applying for, and renewing, SSL Certificates has traditionally been viewed as a tedious and somewhat complicated process. Completing the necessary steps, which entails creating and sending a CSR (Certificate Signing Request), receiving email communications from the SSL vendor and processing the necessary steps to install the SSL Certificate, requires patience and technical know-how. With the introduction of One-click SSL, Verio replaces the time consuming and highly technical application process with an efficient “one-click” process – therefore making secure hosting and online business more accessible to smaller online shops.

Verio is working with GlobalSign, a specialist in SSL security and part of the GMO Internet Group, to offer the One-click SSL to partners and customers. As a result of the cooperative backend system integration between Verio and GlobalSign, the elimination of cumbersome verification and installation processes for SSL Certificates will help business owners acquire their own SSL Certificates within a few minutes with just a few simple clicks through their Verio control panel.

“GlobalSign prides itself on innovation and is very pleased to be working with Verio to roll-out the industry’s first One-click SSL,” said Ichiro Chujo, GlobalSign Group CEO & President. “This revolutionary take on purchasing and renewing certificates really extends fundamental security options to small and midsize businesses that previously did not have the resources to take advantage of.”

Verio’s One-click SSL offers users Domain Validation SSL security. In the current market, SSL vendors offer the certificate key length of 40-bit to 256-bit for the encrypted connection. GlobalSign SSL Certificates however, are all 256-bit on current browsers, making it one of the strongest on the market. On older web browsers, GlobalSign employs SGC (Server Gated Cryptography) technology to instantly upgrade the encryption level from a 40-bit to a 128-bit connection. Since Verio is working with GlobalSign to provide SSL Certificates, users can be assured that the certificate will be recognized by all popular browsers, applications and mobile devices.

“Verio aims to make security as simple and hassle free for businesses as possible,” said Kiyoshi Maeda, president and chief executive officer for Verio. “With the launch of the industry’s first One-click SSL, we are providing our solution provider partners and customers with an incredibly intuitive way to ensure added security and privacy for conducting transactions over the Internet.”

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About Verio

Verio Inc. enables companies to conduct business online, through hosting, applications and managed services serving the business needs of SMB companies and partners worldwide, and is a subsidiary of NTT Communications, which provides complementary global network access reaching over 200 countries worldwide. The company focuses on how to help companies and partners achieve their business goals with functional hosting solutions, applications and services that enable them to drive success online. Verio supports its operations with highly reliable and scalable global infrastructure and systems including the NTT Communications Global IP Network, and provides business solutions to customers and partners in more than 146 countries. More information can be found at

About GlobalSign
Established in 1996 and as a WebTrust accredited public certificate authority, GlobalSign offers publicly trusted SSL, including new Extended Validation SSL Certificates, S/MIME and Code Signing Certificates for use on all Windows platforms including Mobile. The GlobalSign Trusted Root program allows the widely distributed and highly trusted GlobalSign root CA certificates to provide immediate trust for Microsoft CA and other inhouse CA users, thereby eliminating the costs associated with supporting non-trusted root CA certificates within an enterprise. These core GlobalSign solutions allow its thousands of enterprise customers to conduct secure online transactions and data submission, and provide tamper-proof distributable code as well as being able to bind identities to client certificates for email security and remote two factor authentication, such as SSL VPNs. The company has a rich history of innovation within the online security market and operates sales and support offices in the US, UK, Belgium, Japan, and China with services available in a number of European and Asian languages. Further details can be found at

About GMO Internet Inc.
GMO Internet Inc. (CEO Masatoshi Kumagai) is headquartered in Tokyo and is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, First Section (Code: 9449). Its Internet based business areas include Internet infrastructure and media. Further details can be found at and Mr Kumagai’s profile can be found at

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