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Domain Name. Easy Payment Plan for Domain Names. 0% interest free

April 2, 2008; 06:39 AM

/24-7PressRelease/ - April 01, 2008 - introduced an Easy Payment Plan that gives the opportunity to buyers to acquire quality generic Domain Names with the .com extension. Buyers can now enjoy up to 36 months interest free while earning money with their new domain name.

Paul Wilson the manager and domain name expert at and is particularly happy with this great option. "Who doesn't want to have the best possible domain name? It is well established that a good generic domain name is a must on the Internet to generate good profits and gain market share".

"Financing the acquisition of a Domain Name is not so easy with traditional finance. This is why we introduced the simplest form of Easy Payment Plan. There are no application forms to complete or formalities, and we use our own financing. A transaction only take a few minutes. It's easy and simple and very fast, and there is no interest to pay."

"I believe that we are the only ones in the industry to offer such generous and Easy Payment Plan with no formalities and 0% interest".

Paul Wilson is pleased to extend this great opportunity to all its domain names. Buyers can now enjoy up to 36 months interest free on any Domain Names listed on these 3 sites:

To see a few examples please visit this page:

At and specialize in high Quality Generic Domain Names that will generate great profits, and are also excellent investments and appreciating assets. We have the best portfolio of Gambling and Publishing domain names in the world. We are proud that 99% of our clients are happy, and this for the last 40 years.

You can find additional details at these pages:

Paul Wilson
Domain name expert

We have been actively involved with domain names since early 1997 and our associated companies also developed over 450 web sites. We currently have over 50 new sites under development.



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