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Press Releases by has Just Sold for $2.6 Million at; Premium Prices for Unique Domains are Achieved Even in Times of Recession

April 7, 2008; 02:53 AM

Torbay, Devon (PRWEB) April 7, 2008 -- The term "pizza," according to Google data, is searched for over 800,000 times per day,that's more than 24 million times per month. This is probably one of the reasons why sold for $2,600,000

After intensive research into the domain name market our company has discovered that businesses do not have to pay these extortionate prices to brand their product.

For example, if you want to brand your pizza business with a name that screams at the customer, "Give me a FASTPIZZAPIZZA now," then listed on, along with over 8 million domains, is

This domain is currently selling in an auction ending on 12th April 2008 for $5100, leaving plenty of change out of $2.6 million to stock and run your pizza business.

Google data also shows that the term, "buy domain names" is searched for over 1000 times per day and "sell domain names" is searched for more 7000 times per month.

Since the internet's conception in the 1990's, forward looking entrepreneurs saw the opportunity of buying up 1000's of domains and selling them for vast profits.

Although it is obviously much more difficult to do that in todays market, these aforementioned variations of single word domains could possibly be a better investment than the troubled stock market or real estate world.

With memorable domain names being snapped up everyday, obtaining a valuable domain for your business will not only add to it's net worth, it might end up being worth more than the business itself.

For more examples of these type of domains, either type "domain name sellers" into Google search, or go to





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