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Rack-Soft Announced 4PSA DNS Manager 3, the Next Generation DNS Management Software

April 9, 2008; 05:38 AM

(OPENPRESS) April 9, 2008 -- Rack-Soft launched today 4PSA DNS Manager 3, the latest release of the multi-tenant DNS management software, a server level application that delivers DNS hosting consolidation and automation to service providers and businesses. 4PSA DNS Manager centralizes domain zone records from any hosting server, based on any control panel or operating system, in order to increase manageability and to create a single, fail redundant DNS infrastructure. This release is based on the new Rack-Soft’s development framework and comes with over 80 additional features.

4PSA DNS Manager operates without any administrator intervention and allows customers to use the regular hosting control panel to manage DNS zones, so the provider can organize the DNS infrastructure without any impact on end users. The software also provides a full featured web based interface that is used by system administrators for configuration purposes or by DNS customers to manage their DNS zones and settings.

“4PSA DNS Manager 3 was redesigned to fulfill the complex demands providers face today. The new version helps our customers increase infrastructure redundancy and automate all DNS related operations. Not only that the new framework offers a strong foundation for future developments, but it also improves the product speed and makes it scale better. Rack-Soft also changed the licensing agreement for 4PSA DNS Manager, allowing anyone to use it with up to ten DNS zones for free.”, said Bogdan Carstoiu, Rack-Soft’s General Manager.

The application enables hosting providers, Internet service providers, and Data Centers to automate DNS infrastructure management and allows end users to manage DNS zones in a perfectly controlled, highly available environment. 4PSA DNS Manager 3 provides many new features, including classless zone delegation, support for non-continuous reverse zones, SOA record replication, integrated configuration backup, and more control options. The new version comes with a web services API that can be used by third parties to access and control product features remotely.

4PSA DNS Manager is available for Linux operating systems in a wide range of formats, including ISO image, VMware image, and Virtuozzo/OpenVZ templates. The product can be downloaded for free and can be used with up to ten DNS zones. Commercial licenses start from US $249 and include 12 months of technical support.

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