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Domain Strategies Welcomes New Executives as Domain Development Model Picks Up Steam

John Maffei, Scott Fasser and Natalie Grinblatt assume leadership positions with Domain Strategies, Inc

April 21, 2008; 09:04 AM

SEATTLE, Washington. April 15, 2008 – Domain Strategies, a Monster Venture Partners company and a leader in building successful businesses on premium domains like,, and, is pleased to announce the appointment of Scott Fasser to President and Chief Operating Officer of Domain Strategies, and Natalie Grinblatt to EVP Corporate Development of Domain Strategies. The company also procured the domain name and appointed John Maffei to the position of CEO of

Scott Fasser, former EVP for Corporate Development, was promoted to President and Chief Operating Officer of Domain Strategies, Inc. Scott has over 16 years experience in building successful businesses. Prior to joining Domain Strategies, Fasser led the development of the paid search and SEO programs for RealNetworks through his consulting company, Brand Digital, and is considered an authority in SEM, Website Development & Optimization, Traffic Acquisition, Customer Retention and Developer Relations. Scott received his MBA from the University of Washington and BA from Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas.

Fasser’s role of EVP for Corporate Development has been filled by Natalie Grinblatt an executive and co-founder of IDNoptions, LLC. Grinblatt, a key director at some of the world’s leading business schools including the University of Michigan where she helped the school climb from a number 11 ranking to a number 2 ranking; Cornell University where its ranking jumped from number 18 to number 7 and where both she and her team were cited and recognized as outstanding contributors and leaders to the school, and Arizona State University where she served as Assistant Dean of Graduate Management Programs. Upon leaving that post, Grinblatt co-founded IDNoptions which went on to build one of the worlds largest IDN portfolio, IDN consulting, and IDN business development enterprises. Grinblatt emphasizes that, “the synergies between Domain Strategies and IDNoptions are ideal to help escalate both organizations in enabling entrepreneurs around the globe to accelerate development of premium domains into first-class enterprises.” Grinblatt has both her MBA and BA from the University of Michigan – Ann Arbor.

Domain Strategies also named John Maffei as CEO of Before joining, John Maffei was President of the ZAM Content Network, an online gaming network with more than 15 million unique visits monthly. Prior to joining ZAM, Mr. Maffei led Microsoft’s efforts to license Xbox 360 video content from major entertainment companies including Warner Bros., Buena Vista Pictures (Disney), Lions Gate, 20th Century Fox and NBC Universal. Throughout his decade-long tenure at Microsoft, Maffei held senior marketing and business development positions within the Windows Media and the Platform Strategy divisions where he negotiated strategic business agreements with influential corporate partners including Sony and Vodafone. He was also the founder and chief executive of RocketPipe, Inc., a developer of broadcast messaging and direct marketing software for content-driven online commerce sites. John received his MBA from the University of Washington and a BA from Colgate.

Rob Monster is Chairman and Founder of Domain Strategies as well as Managing Partner of Monster Venture Partners. “Our ability to build great companies on category-defining domain names is first and foremost predicated on our ability to assemble the best teams. The model for rapid value creation is proven and now we aim to accelerate the pace of development across a much larger set of high potential domain properties in verticals that we believe are ripe for innovation. These hires are critical to that objective. ” said Mr. Monster.


Scott Fasser and John Maffei will be based in the company’s Bellevue offices. Natalie Grinblatt will initially be located in Phoenix, co-located with IDN Options, which Monster Venture Partners backed in early 2008.


About Domain Strategies, Inc,

Domain Strategies ( is a pioneering leader in the field of internet domain development. The company partners with domain owners, visionary entrepreneurs and smart capital to unlock hidden value in high quality internet domain names. Using a proprietary three step process for domain assessment and development, Domain Strategies unlocks intrinsic domain value by assisting domain owners to build a value added business on top of their domain name foundation. Domain Strategies’ portfolio of domains under management includes more than 5,000 domains controlled by Monster Venture Partners, and more than 600 domains controlled by Internet Real Estate Group, more than 2500 international domains controlled by IDNoptions, as well as selected domains from some of the leading portfolio companies around the world.


Best Regards,


Natalie Grinblatt

Executive Vice President - Corporate Development

Domain Strategies

cell 480-734-4907



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