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Angel Investor Accelerates Development, an innovative alternative to domain parking, gets fueled by new funding from investor inside its client base.

April 29, 2008; 09:18 AM

Willoughby, Ohio -- Demand for a profitable alternative to conventional domain parking is on the rise. As domain owners with minimal returns on traditionally parked sites seek better paying options, business investors are taking note.


One company reaping the rewards of this new trend is Today, the alternative domain parking provider announced the backing of an angel investor for its fast-growing development efforts. The strategic new partnership between WhyPark and its investor, Alan Macomber, has gone into effect with the deal’s funds rolled into an enhancement project that is already underway.


Launched in 2006, WhyPark has grown from a simple domain services site into a complex content solution that attempts to add considerable value to its clients’ portfolios. While traditional domain parking services simply put advertising links on dormant sites, WhyPark places high-quality content, in addition to advertising links, on parked domains. The company says its informative textual material brings new visitors to a parked page and keeps them returning.


"Our goal has always been to provide a platform to help users do more with their domains,” said WhyPark President Craig Rowe. “Domain parking has traditionally been a simple means of earning revenue from a domain's direct or remnant traffic. However, it has missed the mark in terms of providing new momentum to domain names, delivering repeat visits, attracting search engine guests and retaining existing visitors. WhyPark attracts and retains visitors by matching highly relevant, full-text content with a domain name's theme. The result is longer user sessions, a significant increase in repeat visits, and the development of new search engine traffic and links."


That WhyPark’s new investment comes from one of its clients is revealing. Users seem to agree with the company’s model and many say they are profiting from it.


“Being one of the first customers of WhyPark, I was amazed at how quickly Craig Rowe developed a user friendly platform which drastically increased the monetization of my domain portfolio,” explained Macomber. “The rapid pace of improvements to the WhyPark platform over the last two years has been incredible. The keyword research function, the WhyPark ad feed, image driven templates, SEO tools, as well as the traffic, click and revenue tracking features have all been funded by the company's internal cash flow.”


Macomber believes his investment, combined with talented management, will enable this early growth stage company to become a leader in the monetization of large domain portfolios. “When the new development program underway at WhyPark is finished, domain investors will be provided with an incredible suite of tools to quickly build-out a website which provides a great user experience and a generous revenue stream," Macomber pointed out.


WhyPark is equally confident that the new investment will help further accelerate the growth it has already achieved. “With an increasing demand for an alternative to traditional domain parking, paired with this investment, we will be able to develop and release a comprehensive set of tools and services to help our customers further monetize and add value to their domain names,” added Rowe.


WhyPark currently hosts over 41,000 domains and says that owners of those sites can expect to see upgrades to the platform as a result of the new investment in the coming months.



WhyPark offers an innovative alternative to traditional domain parking. It delivers relevant and up-to-date information to generate niche-based visitor traffic. As a result, it creates value for domain names in addition to continual advertising revenue for domain owners.




Craig Rowe, President

WhyPark, LLC

38613 Andrews Ridge Way

Willoughby, OH 44094

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 440-269-8850




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