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EstDomains, Inc: .NET Unexampled Discounts - Promo Action Completion Phase

May 2, 2008; 04:01 AM

(PRWEB) May 2, 2008 -- .NET extension is unique in its tendency to be treated as a second dotcom as this top-level TLD is an abbreviation for "network" and it is very popular among the network operators. However, there are no restrictions on who can register a .NET domain name. Today dotNet is widely used for web sites that need a global identity in the online business industry. In contrast to the widely used and overloaded .COM extension, dotNet still offers a large variety of original and remarkable domain names.

Today, EstDomains, Inc development team would like to remind once again that promo action for .NET domain names is still running. However, nothing lasts forever, so EstDomains, Inc encourages its current and potential customers to hurry up and not miss this unique opportunity to obtain .NET domain name for as low as 4.99$. This is a great chance to establish on-line business and to mark it as an integral part of interactive community by applying .NET extension to the web site of an enterprise. The amount of .NET domain names purchased during promo action campaign has exceeded the amount of dotNet domains registered at EstDomains, Inc during the last year, which is an indicator of a rapid success of dotNet extension. Global .NET is one of the most desirable domain names for online enterprises as there are still many easy-to-remember combinations available. For the lowest price ever offered by any of registrars, one can obtain a prestigious domain name right now by visiting EstDomains, Inc homepage at and complete fast and easy domain registration operation.

EstDomains, Inc ( strongly keeps its position as a leading ICANN-accredited domain name registrar for .COM, .NET, .EU, .WS, .ORG, .INFO and many other domain name extensions. The company also offers a wide spectrum of domain name related services, including domain name registration, domain forwarding, mail forwarding and managed DNS. The company is true to its politics to provide the domain name registration services affordable to everyone. The prices of EstDomains, Inc still remain tied to the original costs from corporations owning the domain zones. Consequently, it is easier to save money with EstDomains, Inc, which, for its customers benefit, succeeded in keeping to lowest domains prices, comparing with other registrars. A number of new customers and partners that is constantly growing is the evidence of an outstanding quality of the services provided by company's development and support teams. Learn more about EstDomains, Inc domain name registration and management related services at: Bakler is another EstDomains, Inc project devoted to domain names which are no longer in use. Many unused domain names have already found new owners on Bakler auction (

EstHost, Inc (, a reliable hosting services provider is glad to offer a 5-day trial period to test and try the advantages of its advanced hosting solutions. EstHost, Inc uses the internet connection services of nLayer, WV Fiber, Scnet, Sbc, Telia, SAVVIS, Global Crossing and constantly expands its integrated infrastructure with an intention to keep step with the newest technology and to provide services of the highest quality ever available on the online industry market.

All ideas, questions and ideas concerning EstDomains, Inc services are welcomed and can be submitted at support ticket system: EstDomains, Inc development team is always glad to get feedback from its customers and always responds to every single request.




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