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New Domain Auction and Parking Site Offers Premium and Generic .mobi Names

May 19, 2008; 04:19 AM

(PRWEB) May 19, 2008 -- Dot mobi domain names typically get lost in the shuffle at traditional auction sites, but that's about to change with, the newest player in the domain name marketplace. Dedicated exclusively to dot mobi names, it is already attracting top portfolio holders with premium, generic and landrush domain names.

"We looked at the sales options available to domain name owners and said there has to be a better way," says Rob Horvath of Conservative estimates place mobile phone ownership 4 to 1 above computer ownership, and now that the .mobi extension is here to create websites for any mobile phone, not just the iPhone, we believe this market is about to explode."

Unlike traditional auction sites, sellers are not capped at a $10,000 asking price. Other auction sites require an appraisal to list above that ceiling. Appraisals are available at but are not required. It's free to list an unlimited number of sites, and upgrades are available for showcase listings at an additional charge.

Domainers who list their .mobi sites on may also park their sites for free, and the templates offered are visually appealing and are guaranteed to mobile compliant. The parked sites offer end user visitors an option to click on sponsored ads that resolve to mobile phones, or web ads that are designed for computer viewing. The host company will keep the web click revenue, and the name owner will keep 100% of profits for the mobile clicks. Domain name owners who park will first add the domain names to the database, change their nameservers, and then place the names into the parking program via a simple form.

The service is up and running now. "We welcome anyone with an interest in dot mobi domain names to have a look at," says Horvath.




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