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BoxedArt Releases Google Adsense Enhanced .Mobi Templates

BoxedArt has the largest membership collection of templates for the web, print, and graphic design on the Internet.

May 22, 2008; 02:03 AM

TAMPA, Fla. (May 21, 2008)—BoxedArt (, a Web design destination renowned for providing the Web’s largest membership collection of templates and related developer products, announced today it has released an exclusive line of .mobi templates optimized for mobile devices.

.Mobi is a rapidly growing top level domain extension used to denote website content optimized for certain types of mobile devices, including cell phones and PDAs. In addition to the requirement of using a .mobi domain name, .mobi site owners are required to have a site design that conforms to rigid XHTML standards.

Each newly released BoxedArt .mobi template is built to conform to these standards, as well as have the option to serve Google Adsense advertisements, providing an instant revenue source for mobile website owners. The templates also come complete with up to 13 access code enabled pages, and follow the W3C Guide to Mobile Web Best Practices, which includes coding in XHTML; expandability for various sizes of mobile screens; proper encoding and document type declarations; ordered list navigation; and use of well formed code.

“We’ve developed our new .mobi pages to be functional and work with a large variety of mobile devices, but more importantly, we’ve designed each template to leave an astonishing impression with an eye popping and fresh Web 2.0 style,” said Mark Greenberg, Marketing Director for BoxedArt parent company Big Resources, Inc.

“The results from our Web surveys show that most website owners do not yet offer a version of their website for mobile users. There is more than four times the number of users with mobile devices than PCs. A .mobi site not only serves as a marketing tool, but it also will vastly expand a website’s reach, including to the more than 2 billion people that have mobile devices,” he said.

BoxedArt will initially release about 60 .mobi ready templates across several dozen categories. It is also in the process of developing hundreds more to fill the needs of websites of many more genres.

A portion of the newly released templates will be available in the members section, where they can be downloaded by any member of BoxedArt as part of the standard membership price, starting at only $49.99. The remainder of the templates will be available in the limited edition section, sold a maximum of 25 times per template—ensuring the distinctiveness of the designs. Members save 10% off the cost of these limited edition templates.

BoxedArt has the largest membership collection of templates for the web, print, and graphic design on the Internet. In total, more than $2,500,000 in products can be downloaded for under $50.

For more information about BoxedArt, please visit

Launched in 2001, BoxedArt is a unique database of thousands of original and high quality web design and development products available for download. The site’s offering is unmatched in its industry in both size and quality with products available in over 35 different categories. Membership to the site is available for under $50, which includes unlimited access to over 5,000 products valued at over $2,500,000.

About Big Resources, Inc.
Big Resources' Network of development websites has been a leading source of tools, resources and services in the webmaster community since 1998. The network fills a wide variety of needs with free and premium services including graphics, scripts, original articles, help forums, stock photography, hosting, and much more.

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