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Domain Names Deliver Value to Venture Capital Firms Entrepreneurs and Investors

June 19, 2008; 01:46 AM

The right domain name is as important to the success of an Internet business as the right location is to any brick and mortar business.

You've heard it said many time that the three most important things that determine a startup business success is location, location, location.

The Internet is no different according to Scott Alliy an Internet marketing expert and creator of a training and seminar search engine that is currently the largest of its kind.

Scott who doubts that would be near as successful without such a specific and highly memorable domain name is quick to point out that choosing the right domain name aka internet address is as important to the success of an e-commerce venture as street addresses are to brick and mortar businesses.

His company Allied Internet Solutions Inc. owns hundreds of highly memorable and specific domain names in all industries and makes those names available to venture capitalists and entrepreneurs wishing to build their own Internet business empire.

Names like,,,,,,,,, and all have the potential to become highly successful and profitable online businesses says Scott who claims that his staff has plans but not currently the time to develop each of the select domain names in their extensive portfolio.

AIS is making select domain names available for acquisition by venture capital firms, entrepreneurs, and investors. The complete list of domain names can be viewed by visiting the domain name Search engine

An excellent domain name can make or break an Internet business says Scott who admits that his company has experienced its share of failures along the way to building the Training News Network that has become very successful and that contains over 755 domain names and websites.

According to Mr. Alliy, his company is ready to put many of their domain names into the mainstream at this time. He says that company officials will consider offers of partnership, offers to purchase, and may even consider investment in a new or existing ecommerce business in returning for contributing use of one or more of their domain names.

Interested venture capital firms, entrepreneurs, and investors can visit and contact the company directly.

About Us: Allied Internet Solutions Inc. is a progressive Internet business consulting firm with a track record of success choosing domain names and developing ecommerce businesses around them. For more information or to contact the company please visit

Contact Info:
Scott Alliy
President / CEO
Allied Internet Solutions Inc.
(800) 349-1935


Company: Allied Internet Solutions Inc.

Country: United States

Contact: Scott Alliy


Bus E-Mail: [email protected]

Phone: 800 349-1935




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