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Imago Domains launches with a special Real Estate domain names offering

June 19, 2008; 01:47 AM has recently been launched by Imago Domains, a private domain management company, bolstering their foothold in the real estate domain names market. New and established businesses are finding it more and more difficult when buying a domain name to find something that is available, affordable, and that is also a professional and catchy business name. Deals like’s current offering of $97 for domain names in their Real Estate city domains category helps ease the financial burden and time invested searching for quality keyword web addresses.

Every premium domain name sold at is $1000 or less, which in todays competitive domain name market should be good news for business owners and investors alike, considering the price premium domain names now fetch.

Valerie Vidal, Owner of Imago Domains said, " is our answer to small business owners, those in the increasingly competitive real estate industry, and investors just entering the domain channel, on how they can own rare and valuable web addresses without paying the skyrocketing prices - sometimes in the 10’s of thousands of dollars - that quality domains are going for these days"

In addition to up front acquisition costs a company or individual has to consider when purchasing a premium domain name, as well as the investment in time to search out and negotiate for available domain names, the ROI and potential value of the purchase of any domain name should also be considered. Vidal explains, "The domain names we’re offering on 1K are keyword domains that not only hold current value and unlimited income potential in their respective markets, but the future value and ROI of these premium web addresses could be staggering by any measurement" allows you to search across a multitude of categories for premium domain names including areas as diverse as Business and Finance, Computer and Internet, Exercise and Fitness, Travel and Geo Domains, Shopping, as well as 26 other categories. Buyers can make their best offer in an effort to secure the domain name of their choice. Once the deal has been accepted and finalized, the domain name is then transferred to the buyer.

Recent high profile domain name sales, such as selling for a staggering $9.9 million, going for $1.6 million, and weekly domains sales in the 5 and 6 figure range, have definitely shined a bright light on the unique value of web properties. Imago Domains strategic launch of may be seen as a tactical move that will open a new window for domain acquisition (especially with their current real estate domain names sale) providing a much needed, and more affordable, alternative for those in business looking for catchy business names, or for those buying a domain name for investment purposes.




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