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City and Destination Domain Name Executives to Convene in Chicago Next Month for Associated Cities''2008 GeoDomain Expo'

Third-annual event will focus on the emerging local online media opportunities for prized geographical Internet brands. CHICAGO, June 24

June 25, 2008; 02:44 AM

CHICAGO, June 24 /PRNewswire/ -- Since the early days of the commercial Internet, city and destination domain names, known as GeoDomains, have been sought after properties due to their powerful and intuitive geographical brands. As the media continues to shift from traditional to online platforms, search engine-independent GeoDomains are well-positioned to take advantage of the emerging opportunities in local online media. Within this backdrop, Associated Cities, in association with The Kelsey Group, will gather executives from across the global GeoDomain industry for the "2008 GeoDomain Expo," July 10-12 in Chicago.


"GeoDomains have become the jewels in the crown of domain names," said Jessica Bookstaff, chairman, Associated Cities. "As the media landscape continues to shift online, GeoDomainers are finding themselves in the sweet spot of local online media. The 2008 GeoDomain Expo is a must-attend event for anyone who is serious about leveraging the exciting opportunities that are now developing for this industry."

Associated Cities anticipates record attendance for this year's conference, which will bring together executives from some of the potentially most valuable media brands on the Internet. Attendees will include the owners of major city and destination sites including,,,,,, and The program will focus on the emerging local online media opportunity, and will feature a keynote presentation by John F. Kelsey, III, co-founder and chairman of The Kelsey Group, the leading provider of strategic research and analysis about local search and local online media. Conference sessions include  "Local Revenue from Local Advertisers," "International Geo Panel" and "Pushing the Envelope: The Future of Technology and GeoDomains."

Formal and informal networking opportunities will offer attendees the chance to explore prospective partnerships and potential next-generation employment prospects with GeoDomain companies. Friday's proceedings will be capped off with a networking reception featuring a book signing with Wall Street Journal reporter David Kesmodel, author of "The Domain Game." Saturday will conclude with the Moniker GeoDomain Auction followed by the 2008 Geo Awards Dinner.

Conference sponsors include: TrafficZ (global sponsor), CallSource, DN Journal, Domain Capital, Domainer's Magazine, eDirectory,,, Localeze, Modern Domainer Magazine, Moniker, and OpenVision. For more information about this event, visit and click on the 2008 GeoDomain Expo logo at the top of the page.

About Associated Cities

The Associated Cities network consists of the most intuitive and compelling brands online. Every Associated city site offers targeted local content and functionality for travelers and residents. The organization's mission is to provide a single, reliable source allowing advertisers and partners to reach consumers in each market it serves. In this capacity, Associated Cities currently represents 130 city partner sites throughout the U.S. and around the world. Visit for more information.


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