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NameSeek - The Australian Domain Name Aftermarket

July 24, 2008; 12:54 AM


To coincide with changes in the Australian domain name transfers policy, we are proud to introduce NameSeek, the Australian Domain Name Aftermarket, opening Australian’s up to a world of trading possibilities by allowing you to buy and sell that potential money making domain name you have been sitting on. allows users to buy and sell domain names and websites, offering users free domain name listings, enabling them to manage their entire domain portfolio online.

Users are able to categorize their domains for sale and also supply “Minimum offer” and “Asking price” values for each domain listed. Once a sale is agreed, funds can be easily transferred using PayPal and transactions can be securely finalised via Escrow.

Coming from a background in the web design and development industry, NameSeek founder Daniel Felice has been tracking domain name sales around the globe for a number of years. Seeing the enormous potential for high sales in the Australian domain name market he was more then eager to open a secure auctioneering environment to benefit both customer and consumer.

NameSeek has a team of highly skilled industry specialists, including a marketing manager to boost site awareness and to build relationships with the Australian domain name industry.

We are looking forward to bright future, aiming to be Australia’s number 1 domain name aftermarket and to provide a safe and friendly venue for our Australian audience.

For more information on Australia’s domain name aftermarket visit or contact Daniel Felice.


Daniel Felice
Sydney, Australia



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