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Razorpoint Security's Rz.DataWatch(TM) Service Protects Firms From Latest DNS Flaws

August 11, 2008; 07:20 AM

New York City, NY (PRWEB) August 11, 2008 -- Razorpoint Security Technologies, Inc. a leader in network security services, announced its managed Rz.Datawatch(TM) service monitors corporate Internet presences and detects attacks involving the recent Domain Name System (DNS) vulnerabilities.

Rz.DataWatch(TM) detects and reports on, among other things, the attacks malicious attackers can leverage from the new DNS vulnerabilities (e.g., Domain Hijacking, Man-In-The-Middle (MITM), and Pharming). The service enhances security for firms conducting e-commerce, e-banking and other online transactions.

"DNS and other online services are now business assets," said Gary Morse, President and Founder of Razorpoint Security. "Your business requires these assets to be precise and accurate. If they're not, you could be out of business."

Rz.DataWatch(TM) monitors a firm's online Internet assets (DNS information, WHOIS, ARIN, RIPE, domain names, server information, etc.) on a continual basis and rapidly notifies clients of any modifications.

"Domain Hijacking, Man-In-The-Middle (MITM), and Pharming are not necessarily new attacks, but these latest vulnerabilities make them much easier to pull off," said Morse. "And, you can do it without being detected easily."

Attacks on web sites, e-commerce business and email traffic are all possible without triggering intrusion detection systems, without ever showing up in a firewall log, and without companies knowing. Rz.DataWatch(TM)'s customized system probes and data analysis engine monitor and analyze your company's online presence. Said Morse, "Our unique service monitors the way the Internet-world sees you and your business, and identifies malicious activity."

Rz.DataWatch(TM) is available as a low cost, monthly service. The service requires no management, no software to install, nor does it consume network resources. It is available on a world-wide basis and is rapidly implemented.

More information can be found on Razorpoint's web site and

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Razorpoint Security Technologies is a recognized leader in network and data security. Razorpoint provides advanced security services to financial services firms, e-commerce and retail sites, the media and entertainment industry, advertising and publishing firms, as well as other vertical markets. These services include security penetration testing, endpoint security assessments, web application assessments, wireless and VoIP attack/penetration tests and managed security services.




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