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.eu registrars are generally satisfied with EURid, but give some suggestions for improvements

August 13, 2008; 08:59 AM

Brussels, 12 August 2008 - More than 90 percent of EURid´s registrars who responded to a recent survey are satisfied or more than satisfied with the support they receive from EURid via email and telephone and rate EURid’s responsiveness as satisfactory or very satisfactory. Also the registration system functions well according to the survey, and the vast majority, 86 percent, see no need for improvement.

However, registrars also would like to see improvements in certain areas, like the procedures for trades and transfers of domain names and the tracking of the changes implemented via the system releases.

When it comes to communicating with EURid and how EURid communicates with its registrars, most respondents of the survey are satisfied with the channels used by EURid to inform them. They also find the newsletter and the registrar extranet useful. Comments indicate that face-to-face meetings and registrar lunches are particularly appreciated.

The result of the survey will be used as input by EURid for further development and to raise our service level.




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