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A once-failed domainer has announced his new business model to make a living entirely from buying and selling domain names at

August 14, 2008; 07:11 AM

“People are keep telling me to stay away from my computer, which apparently has given me nothing but a dumb and dumber look on my face. They all say that Internet won't make you enough money to support a living. There is no way you can feed your family with just a dead typewriting machine with monitor and a telephone cable.” Said the struggling domainer.

Ever since he began his journey as a new domainer years ago, he lost thousands of dollars due to miscalculation on his domain name portfolio investment. However, he chose not to quit his dream job just yet. Now he’s starting all over again from the very beginning with his brand new blog,

With 50% of the proceeds go to Kiva, one of the leading micro lending organizations on the Internet, he planned to raise $1 million completely from domaining. The money which has been raised through his website will stay in Kiva forever. The sole purpose is to keep the fund rolling to others in need for as long as possible.

He also plans to giveaway some of his premium domain names and set up a domain donation event at, where anyone can donate his/her domain name to Kiva. For more information, please go to

About is the blog of a domainer who tries to make a living by buying and selling domain names on the Internet and raise $1 million along the way.

Website Link:

Contact info:
1120 Broadway New York City, NY 10010
Phone: 366682255




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