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Try Domain Names Before You Buy

August 19, 2008; 09:54 AM introduces a domain name lease to own program.

The domain name you want is taken and you just know the owners asking price is mid five figures maybe even six figures. If the domain name you want is a premium quality domain name then you are probably right.

Up until now the high asking price of premium domain names has been a show stopper for entrepreneurs and business owners but if the experts at have their say then the show is about to begin.

Scott Alliy President of has announced that his company is offering a lease to purchase plan that they believe will break the stalemate between domain name owners and domain name buyers by providing a means for buyers to try before they invest huge sums of money.

To determine if the new domain name lease purchase program is right for them Mr. Alliy suggests that domain name buyers ask themselves two questions.

Is the domain name worth its asking price relative to your project or business venture?

Do you have the available cash to obtain the domain name or names that you want?

If your answer to question one is yes but your answer to question two is no then one company, may be able to help you. has thousands of high demand premium quality domain names in all categories that may be just the name that you need for your new or existing online business.,,,,,, and are just a few of the select domain names offered on a leas to own basis. lease-purchase program takes the risk out of buying high price domain names. For just $200 per month on a one year contract approved individuals and business owners can use one or more of the select domain names on to build or enhance their Internet business and in the process learn the true value of the domain name.

According to Scott Alliy President of if at the end of the year the lesee is not satisfied with the benefits that the domain name has provided to their project or business venture they can simply walk away. If on the other hand the domain or domain names that they selected have proved valuable to their project or business then they can submit payment for the balance of the sales price as agreed upon at contract signing and in doing so they can own the domain name.

For more information or to view the selection of available domain names please visit then contact the company using the contact form available on each domain name information page

About Us: is a division of Allied Internet Solutions Inc. a Houston Texas based Internet consulting firm

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