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Domain Name Investment Firm Asks Is Your Business Internet Ready

August 22, 2008; 09:15 AM

Internet expert offers security, marketing, and profit making tips for new and existing Internet business

Scott Alliy President and founder of the worlds largest training search engine has learned a great deal about doing business on the Internet.

His company Allied Internet Solutions Inc. has compiled a mini checklist for new and existing Internet businesses to measure how prepared they and their businesses are to compete and profit on the Internet.

According to Scott assuming that you have a proven product or service there are two things Internet business owners need to be concerned about and those are Marketing and security.

Marketing according to Scott can be summed up in three stages.

a) Attracting qualified traffic

b) Presenting your product or service to achieve sales

c) Inviting or incentivising your audience to become repeat customers and engaging their help to attract other prospects

Security is equally important but most often overlooked. What most business owners don't realize says Scott is just how easy it is for competition to copy your winning formula for success. The same keywords that got earned you top search ranking can also earn them such ranking turning your one-time advantage into no advantage at all.

To combat unethical practices by your competitors Scott suggests that business owners incorporate two activities into their strategy that will separate them from the competition once and for all.

The first activity Scott suggests is to add content in the form of personally written articles about your company product or service and to copyright these pages.

There are several websites available to learn proper copyrighting techniques that business owners should visit to make sure they are properly protecting their intellectual property.

The second thing business owners can do is to surround yourself with meaningful related domain names that relate to your product or service.

Acquiring multiple domain names Says Scott provides two distinct and immediate benefits to your business

a) Related domain names especially those that are type-in quality provide increased qualified traffic.

b) Owning multiple domain names and either developing those names or redirecting them to your main website increases your Internet exposure while preventing competitors from encroaching in your space. a division of AIS offers more information and select domain names for sale. Mr. Alliy Suggest that new and existing Internet business owners visit for more information and to consider acquiring additional domain names to help grow and protect their Internet business.

About Us: is a division of Allied Internet Solutions Inc. a progressive Houston Texas based Internet consulting company offering high level proven strategies to Internet businesses of all sizes.

AIS is the creator of the Training News Network a network of over 800 websites and domain names relating to training and the training and seminar industry.

The company offers free initial consultation to new clients that wish to take their internet business to the next level. Please call 800 349-1935 x5 to request a on-on-one consultation.

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