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Rare Tumor Forces Domain Name Portfolio Liquidation Sale

August 25, 2008; 06:48 AM

Eugene, OR (PRWEB) August 25, 2008 -- Specialty Domains Inc. has initiated the process of selling its portfolio of 1,050 Internet domain names in response to its founder's medical condition. David Pierpoint, the company's founder, is seeking prospective buyers of the domain name portfolio that targets the dental, legal, medical, and real estate industries.

Six months ago he began building a network of social-media based marketing websites for attorneys, dentists, doctors, and real estate professionals. Now, facing surgery and radiation therapy to treat a reoccurrence of a rare tumor, business owner David Pierpoint has begun contacting prospective buyers of the company's portfolio that includes 1,000 Internet domain names.

"Unfortunately, the expenses associated with medical treatment, along with loss of income during that period of time, are simply too much of a financial hurdle at this point. Liquidating the domain name portfolio, and using the proceeds to pay for medical and living expenses, is the most responsible way for us to manage an unfortunate set of circumstances," according to Pierpoint.

Recognizing that the traditional methods of marketing professional services are becoming less effective, Mr. Pierpoint set out to create a network of promotional websites making use of new social-media marketing tools and systems. "Our strategy combines the use of YouTube style videos, audio testimonials, and blogging tools as a more effective way to communicate with prospective clients and customers," said Pierpoint.

"One problem with most of today's industry-standard websites is that they're static and provide text-based content with a photo or two. Prospective buyers want more than what's written about a dentist or attorney on their website -- they want to see and hear them in action. They want to hear what other patients and clients have to say about their experiences. Most people are using the Internet to do initial research before they take the time to meet face to face with a service professional, and online audio/video is one of the best ways for a service provider to make that initial connection."

Pierpoint had planned to lease the domain names and site templates to industry professionals who may already have a website in place, but also want to add a search-engine optimized promotional site to their marketing efforts. All of the 1,000 plus domain names in his company's portfolio include a city-specific location, along with an industry reference for each professional (i.e., attorney, dentist, lasik, etc.).

Examples of different domains in the portfolio include:,,, and "We are on the leading edge of changes in the industry -- unfortunately, you don't get to choose when something like this is going to happen," commented Pierpoint, noting that the domain portfolio will most likely be purchased by another company that provides marketing services to industry professionals.

"This comprehensive portfolio is the perfect compliment to other types of marketing services, including search engine optimization, website design and development, or even traditional advertising and promotion. For a progressive company who is looking to differentiate themselves from their competitors and provide additional value to their customers, these domain names will provide a great return on investment to a buyer who recognizes the power of the Internet."

While he hopes for a full recovery from the surgery and treatment scheduled for later this year, Pierpoint realizes that the final outcome won't be known until after the process is complete. A previous surgery in 2006 to remove the same type of tumor left him with partial paralysis of some facial nerves and numbness throughout a portion of his face and jaw line.

Pierpoint said the new tumor is a benign form of myoepithelioma, and is most likely the result of satellite cells that were not removed from the previous surgery two years earlier. His surgeon is hopeful that the next round of surgery and radiation therapy will not result in much more damage to the affected area.

"We are currently accepting offers from potential buyers and plan to complete a sale sometime in the next couple of months. Then, once we get through the surgery and treatment later this year, we'll move forward and make the most of the opportunities we have at that point," said Pierpoint.

Inquiries regarding the sale of the domain name portfolio should be directed to Mr. Pierpoint. More information regarding the domains, including a full list of domain names by industry group, can be found on the company's website at




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