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Press Releases by Welcomes Stephen Douglas To Its Team

August 28, 2008; 05:57 AM

Cleveland, OH (PRWEB) August 28, 2008 -- WhyPark is pleased to welcome Stephen Douglas, a well-known maverick in the domain industry, as its new Vice-President of Business Development.

Douglas has vast experience in domain name investing and marketing management. Many domainers will recognize Douglas as the executive producer of Name Intelligence's 2007 Domain Roundtable Conference in Seattle. Notably, the conference boasted $4 million in domain name sales from its pioneering and highly successful streaming live domain auction.

"We're excited to have Stephen on board," says Craig Rowe, President of WhyPark. "He brings an incredible amount of industry expertise, and his energy and passion for the business is contagious. Stephen's refreshing approach challenges the status quo. We look forward to his contributions as we continue to launch new services and enhancements."
Douglas began investing in domain names in the mid-1990s. He soon shot out from under the radar by advising domain industry companies such as DomainHop and Go Daddy. More recently, Douglas was the senior domain consultant at both BulkRegister and SnapNames. He also created and designed, the only domain-dropping auction website that allowed users to see traffic on expiring domains before they dropped. DropGuild was purchased by Demand Media, Inc.

"I like pushing outside the space to find much-needed solutions," says Douglas. "That's why I look forward to working with WhyPark. Their innovative domain-building system is absolutely essential for today's domain investors."

As WhyPark's Vice-President of Business Development, Douglas manages large domain portfolio programs and strategic partnerships. He also leads general marketing programs and analysis.

"I've wanted for years to find an inexpensive solution to build out my domains with relevant, index-friendly content. When I saw that WhyPark's system does this easily and with little expense, I was hooked. Joining its team was a no-brainer for me, and I'm confident that most domain investors will see WhyPark as a requirement in their monetization options. I believe WhyPark is going to make a major paradigm transference in the domain industry, and I'm honored to work with Craig and the WhyPark crew to accomplish this."

WhyPark quickly builds domains to become living websites. With standard service, the company's proprietary system provides new and relevant content daily to clients' domain names, obtaining search engine visibility for domains instead of relying on type-in traffic or temporary links. Unlike traditional parking services, WhyPark's content helps establish a domain's brand until it matures by promoting legitimate indexed websites that offer relevant information for visitors. WhyPark's suite of premium services is also available for the highest level of content development and SEO for the more advanced domain investor.




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