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Investing in Domains When the Markets Fall Could be a Good Alternative, Says Intermarketing

October 13, 2008; 04:58 AM

(PRWEB) October 11, 2008 -- "As the global financial markets slide, and with Wall Street and other world stocks markets plunging, where should people place their money in these uncertain times?" asks Peter Nilson from Intermarketing. "Gold, that's a possibility. Under your mattress? Sure, but natural disasters and familial arguments could make that a risky proposition."

Real estate, not likely, unless you have some great leads on foreclosures and bank-owned properties. But even these real estate investments will require some white-knuckle wrangling and financial maneuvering. Cyber real estate seems like a safer bet, and domain sales are still achieving substantial sales. Many astute individuals, including Rick Schwartz, Kevin Hamm "the person who owns the Internet", and Frank Schilling made their cyber-gold during the last economic downturn, as they invested in domains that increased in valuation by hundreds of millions of USD, after the financial storm.

GEO domains and key premium words (i.e.) generics should be excellent investments, especially as companies opt for web and mobile advertising over print and TV advertising. Purchasing a premium GEO dotcom or high premium dotcom will cost at least high five figures USD, and more than likely, at least six figures. These could be excellent investments, but they will require deep pockets.

Some of the other recently launched domains are still struggling to gain global acceptance. .ASIA pretty much represents a region, as do some of the other country extensions such as .EU.

DotMoBi, which has an illustrious list of investors and backers, including Google, Nokia, Deutsche Telekom and Samsung, showed early promise, as everything "mobile" seemed sexy and cool. Moreover, .mobi offers a value proposition with standards that require "mobile" compliance. This extension may still catch on, but there still remain some questions about whether the .Mobi experience will be able to capture the fingers of consumers, especially teenagers, tapping the keys on their mobile phones.

The one extension which looks like a good buy is .ME. Launched this July with world record sales, it also reached record sales at the two most recent auctions. And the buyers are building .ME sites by the thousands each day. At last count, there were over 1,2600,000 .Me sites, which is staggering for an extension this young.

Apple owns, as well as, which it bought for an undisclosed amount in 2007, and it registered several of its products with the .ME extension. Other large companies, including Google, Microsoft, Deutsche Telekom, most media companies and leading blogs registered their .ME names.

The best bets for investing in this extension will be action verbs like which recently sold for $70,000 at the LIVE NY Auction, GEO domains such as LasVegas.Me, China, Macau, Vegas, Korea, and Hollywood, which can be used for travel or blogging sites. A few GEO Me sites are up and running, like; it may be in its nascent stage of development, but already it shows great potential. Other valuable .ME names will be high-premium key words.

So perhaps a wise investor should buy a timely name like SAVE.ME, especially during these turbulent financial times. The .ME investors of today may strike their own cyber-gold, if the extension continues to gain in popularity and experiences even greater development. .ME looks like a winner, and there's still time to invest in ME, before the prices start to skyrocket, or only available to investors with deep pockets.

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