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October 20, 2008; 04:32 AM

(PRLEAP.COM) Twin Cities, Minnesota-Businesses are always looking for a competitive edge. Now, Minnesota businesses have a unique opportunity to evaluate when carving out an address in Cyberspace. Consider the .mn domain when registering a web presence. For many years now, the best .com domain names have been reserved and removed from circulation. Good Keyword domain names have either been developed or are being held for investment or speculation. Entrepreneurial domainer John Mazzara has created a marketing platform to highlight this idea of utilizing the .mn domains. This new resource can be found at the website- This is an aftermarket site for acquiring MN domain names. The site includes useful information and insight about the .mn domain space as well as featuring a private inventory of rich .mn domain names comprised of unique keywords.

Today, there are other options when registering a domain name. Specifically, there are various country TLD’s (top level domain) extensions. Mongolia for example has been assigned .mn as their TLD. The State of Minnesota has the abbreviation of MN. Herein lies the .mn URL opportunity, as .mn domains could be uniquely used for MN businesses. There is no prohibition against using the .mn domain names for Minnesota and many organizations within Minnesota have begun to embrace it.

Local businesses in Minnesota that focus on the Minnesota marketplace, should consider buying domain names and developing sites around the .MN extension. Presently, consumers are familiar with the .com, .net, .gov, .edu, .org extensions. Not all Minnesotans are necessarily familiar with the .mn at this time. This lack of familiarity presents today’s opportunity to buy great names at tremendously low prices in comparison to what they might cost in another more common extensions, such as .com. There is also the unique branding component with a .mn that can help differentiate one business from another. Because this domain is relatively new, there are three letter domains and ones that are specific to various lines of work still available. One of the websites offering aftermarket mn domains for sale has been created at It is rare to find such a collection of .mn names for sale in one central location.

Visibility for mn domains and the mn URL is increasing. Consider these local examples of others developing and branding around the .mn domain. The StarTribune has developed and as entertainment and news portals. The State of Minnesota government maintains sites for such state domain destinations as the Minnesota senate at, the State legislature at, and the MN House of Representatives at . Two other local business uses the .mn domain can be found at and

Visit the website at There are almost 200 exclusive domain names for sale. In addition, at the site there are various domaining tips on selecting a domain registrar, where you can register a domain name, as well as a recommendation for a website hosting company.

With the advent of PPC-pay per click and other forms of online advertising, it is easy to recognize the value in having a simple and uniquely brandable URL. Selecting a .MN domain and framing it within the context of a Minnesota domain might be worthy of consideration, especially when looking into selecting a domain name for registration. A strong keyword dominated URLs may help in search engine ranking and search engine optimization. Of course, it takes more than purchasing strong URLs utilizing clever web domains; it takes a lot of hard work to rank high in the organic search SERPs. In conjunction with a company’s domain name strategy, they should consider creating a blog, utilizing video, writing articles, investing in correct site development, SEO, SEM and producing physical products that can be marketed to clients.


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