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.TEL, the new Top Level Domain ready to take off

November 3, 2008; 10:26 AM

Luxembourg, 3rd November 2008 – While ICANN has just published the new generic top-level domain Applicant Guidebook, the recently accepted .TEL Top Level Domain is in the starting blocks and will take off on the 3rd of December. The new communications’ focused TLD .TEL has become a major topic of interest in the past months with the pre-registrations opening at and the growing enthusiasm it engenders. .Tel covers both individual and business needs in a communication centered manner and offers an innovative and customizable platform. The new TLD does not resemble any other TLDs in the sense that .TEL is not a website as such. A .TEL domain name has indeed different functionalities all gathered into one publishing platform or live directory. The .TEL user can add any type of contact information, from phone numbers, addresses, emails, website addresses, networks to keywords indexed by search engines and even maps.

The owner of a .TEL domain is always in full control and can update the information appearing on the page in real time. For businesses, there is a possibility of categorizing all relevant contact information by departments, and even by regions where the company is located. Individuals using .TEL can even choose with which friend to share information and set up privacy rules. The .TEL suits well people always on the move, travelling from one country to another and is available from any telecommunication devices. It brings them the possibility to be reachable in a fast and simple manner, through a “click-to-call” method.

The connection via a .TEL domain is immediate, it takes one click to call someone or be called without having to dial a phone number. EuroDNS’s sister company, voipGATE, specialized in voice over IP, has adopted this technology and adapted its softphone to integrate .TEL’s functionalities. Instead of having to dial phone numbers, the voipGATE softphone enables in one click to make the call and get directly in touch ( 

EuroDNS was the first registrar accredited for .Tel and also the first to offer the possibility to pre-register .TEL domain names for Sunrise, Premium Landrush and Go Live phases.

To have a better understanding of .TEL and check all registrations prices and dates, please go to: Stay tuned to and register your .TEL domain now!

About EuroDNS

EuroDNS is a Domain name Registrar specialized in International Domain extensions. Based in Luxembourg with branch offices in Europe, the USA and Asia with AsiaDNS, EuroDNS serves a large variety of clients ranging from SMEs to some of the world’s largest Domain Investors and offers dedicated naming solutions to Trademark holders. By strongly participating in leading industry forums including ICANN and the International Trademark Association, EuroDNS seeks to promote e-Commerce and wider Internet adoption.




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