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Innovative Approach to Domain Name Strategy Delivers Significant Savings to Fortune 500 Company

November 4, 2008; 10:17 AM

WASHINGTON, Nov. 4 /PRNewswire/ -- FairWinds Partners, LLC, has beenworking with Verizon Communications to develop and implement an innovativeapproach to optimizing Verizon's domain portfolio. This new approach hasenabled Verizon not only to better provide its customers with more relevantonline experiences that deliver desired content, but also to do so in a morecost-effective manner.

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Verizon's domain name portfolio strategy has enabled cuts of over $1.1million in unnecessary spending while at the same time increasing incomingrevenue and the overall strength of the brand. Verizon and FairWinds workedtogether to halt the wasteful registration of domains which offered little orno value to the company. It is estimated that it would have cost Verizon$725,000 over the next two years to maintain the unproductive domain names itcut from its portfolio.

"In the past, domains that generated little traffic, including some thatwere hugely expensive to maintain over time, were added to the portfolio,"said Sarah Deutsch, Vice President & Associate General Counsel of VerizonCommunications. "Moving forward, we are making a concerted effort to bevigilant in our efforts to create a targeted and effective portfolio."

In addition to the cuts made to the portfolio, the two companies togetheridentified unbranded domains owned by Verizon that were not critical toVerizon's online strategy and may be desirable to other companies. As a resultof these efforts, Verizon can now broker these unneeded domains to thirdparties to produce as much as $2 million in new cash which can be applied toother areas of the business or returned to shareholders.

These savings highlight important ways in which other companies can retooltheir domain name program to increase brand visibility, cut wastefulexpenditures and identify new sources of revenue. Verizon will be able tobring in approximately 3 million new visitors for its Web sites with its newstrategy, often by redirecting domains in order to provide customers withexpected content.

"We want to make sure that our customers get to where they want to be onthe first try," said Brian Price, Executive Director of Verizon's OnlineCenter of Excellence. This provides a better experience for customers andbenefits the company as well. "The top ten domains that we redirected havegarnered a quarter of a million visitors and over 1K sales in the last sixweeks alone."

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