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Owning Multiple Domain Names Is Key To Helping Online Businesses Weather Tough Economic Climate Says One Industry Expert

November 14, 2008; 06:45 AM

What Internet businesses don't know about the power of owning multiple domain names is hurting them and costing them business according to Scott Alliy President of

Take a look around your home and identify the manufacturer of many of the products you use everyday. The plain truth is that very few of the items will be known manufacturers and most will be from companies whose name you may never had heard of. The reality is that today's consumer does not buy names they buy products and services regardless who the manufacturer is.

Respect your name but don't get hung up on yourself advises Scott Alliy an Internet pioneer and Internet marketing expert. Most internet businesses continue to brand only their company name by owning one website usually like a name I do not know if it even exists but just to use as an example.

What does exampleco do asks Scott Alliy President of This is the same question that consumers would also ask. The issue says Scott is that no consumer has enough time nor would they even consider visiting the site to find out.

What today's busy consumer wants is quick access to products and services that they want need and use sometimes every day.

Savvy Internet businesses understand this simple fact and many have invested heavily in owning multiple domain names relating to their business products and services that consumers are likely to type in during keyword or keyphrase searches on the Internet.

No matter what products or services that consumers search for on the internet you can bet that they will type the product or service and not a company name during their search. For example Internet surfers seeking to learn a new language might type Spanish training products, or Spanish audio training. Whichever company that offers this very specific product that owns the domain name that contains either of the words used to locate the product and then points those domain names to their own site will gain the lions share of their market says Scott.

Why most businesses have missed this obvious route to Internet business success is beyond me says Scott but the good news is that those domain names may still be available at least in the aftermarket.

Sure, adds Scott the killer domain names that so accurately describe their products or services may cost a little more to acquire from domain name resellers but says Scott it is simple math. Once the amount of increased revenues that they receive by owning multiple domain names related to their products or services and pointing those names to their main website has been reached then any revenues they receive after that point go directly to increase profits.

Scott has successfully employed this strategy to create the Training News Network a network of over 900 training and seminar related domain names and websites serving the needs of the seminar and training industry.

His company offers hundreds of the type-in domain names that companies can buy and immediately begin to use to capture more of the market share in their industry. Many of these type-in domain names are owned by Internet consulting companies like his but many other domain names are owned by individuals.

To locate the owner of domain names that may be of interest to you Scott advises prospective buyers to use whois tools located on various sites on the web.

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