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dnfame - The Famous Domain Check Tool Releases Multi Language Capabilities

November 17, 2008; 07:53 AM

dnfame’s latest addition is a multi language option which now supports an additional three counties. This is great news for many people around the world.

Its not the first time dnfame has received publicity. After its release, this exciting, clever little webtool was featured on many domain related websites for its unique and clever approach which ranks domain names on a scale of ‘fame’. This is a number between one to ten.

After the initial rush of webmasters and website owners logging on to check how famous their domain was, the developers behind dnfame could see that this cool domain check tool could become famous around the globe itself. This sparked ideas amongst its creators and the option to add multi lingual capabilities was seen as a positive step forward.

The addition of three widely spoken languages has been greeted in many countries world wide. The additional languages now include: French, Italian and Spanish. This should definitely see an increased usage of dnfame in these countries.

Domain check tools are vital for any webmaster or internet marketer trying to improve search engine positions. There are a number of these around but none provide as many useful features as dnfame. Not only doe’s it give you a ‘fame rank’ but detailed information is listed regarding: Page rank, Alexa, Quancast, and Technorati. Directory listings are also present, along with search engine backlinks which state how many backlinks are present in a range of search engines. Not to mention social bookmark lookups too.

dnfame also offers a friendly, clean, fast interface which won’t miss lead or confuse users. All searches are performed lightening fast, with 100% accuracy.

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