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Early Christmas: Domain Name Community DNF24 Gives Away Free Domain Names

December 1, 2008; 10:16 AM

Amsterdam & New York - December 1st 2008 - ( - Today, domain name community DNF24.COM has launched a contest, where community members can become the owner of a free domain name by just claiming it first. Until Christmas, one domain name will be given away for free every day. 

Names range from short LLLL domain names (4 character domain names) and numeric domain names to brandable keyword domains. The first name has just been posted and was not claimed when this announcement has been written. 

"Everyone loves Christmas and Christmas gifts, which is why we have decided to give away free domain names to our community. Every day one name will be posted and can be claimed by just making a reply to our post. We will start with a LLLL (4 character .com) domain name, but also post numeric and keyword domain names", DNF24's Founder said. 

The site has also announced to give away random gifts to all active members who join DNF24 before December 25th 2008. "Active members" are defined as registered members who actively use DNF24 to discuss, buy, sell or trade domain names. 

The site's staff said: "On December 25th we will send you a random gift for being an active part of our domaining community and marketplace. Because Christmas is on December 25th, the gift you receive will have a value of at least US$ 25.00." 


About DNF24 
Domain Name Forum 24 was launched in November 2008 and focuses on providing a friendly and safe online community where people interested in domain names meet to conduct business online. DNF24 brings together industry headlines, education and a global marketplace where domain name owners and resellers can share their interests with people from the same niche. 

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