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Netfirms Announces Availability of Innovative .TEL Domain Names

December 2, 2008; 09:49 AM

Toronto, ON (PRWEB) December 2, 2008 -- Netfirms Inc., ( a leading domain name registrar, with expertise in helping large and small businesses protect their brand names, announced the availability of .TEL domain names and acceptance of applications during the Sunrise period. Trademark holders worldwide will want to apply as soon as possible in order to protect their brand names.

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"Netfirms is an experienced registrar and we're pleased that they've joined the launch at this time to help secure their .TEL domains for their customers. With the additional benefits that .TEL domains provide without further investment, businesses are realizing that .TEL is the future of branded communications," said Justin Hayward, Communications Director, Telnic Limited

Registration for registered trademark holders is open during the Sunrise period (December 3/08 - February 2/08). With .TEL being billed as the biggest innovation since the release of .COM domains, Netfirms is pleased to offer this high demand top level domain (TLD) for only $379( This fee includes .TEL Sunrise application fee, verification by Deloitte, .TEL registration and hosting for three years. All .TEL domain names are available on a first come, first serve basis through Netfirms.

"With anticipated high demand for this unique domain name," says Thomas Savundra, President & CEO of Netfirms Inc., "We encourage all trademark holders to immediately register their '' domains not only to protect their brand names but also to take advantage of having an online business card with all of their contact information under one domain name."

.TEL uses DNS in an innovative way to store all types of contact information, location records and keywords, not host IP addresses. Acting as the ultimate online business directory, .TEL pages can be set up to contain business e-mail addresses, address, fax numbers, phone numbers, networks, websites, instant messenger information and more. Changes to a .TEL are instantly made live. When viewed over mobile or computer browsers, .TEL information is automatically formatted to display on any device that accesses them.

About Telnic Limited:
Founded in 2000, Telnic Limited is the Registry Operator and Sponsoring Organization for the new .TEL sponsored top level domain (sTLD). The new .TEL will launch to trademark holders on December 3, 2008 and everyone else on February 3, 2009.

For more information regarding .TEL domains visit

About Netfirms:
Founded in 1998, Netfirms Inc., provides web hosting solutions, domain name registration and Web 2.0 technology to successful small and medium sized businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals worldwide. Netfirms hosts over 1,000,000 websites and has offices in the U.S. and Canada.

For more information about Netfirms, visit




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