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Getting a .si domain is a Great Investment

December 16, 2008; 09:59 AM

16.12.2008 15:49:31 Si means ‘yes’ in Spanish an Italian. Hence, choosing a .si domain name for your website will be a great opportunity for online business success. With new rule laid for the .si domain name registration, getting a .si domain name is much easier today, according to, the professional team of domain name registration and web hosting service providers.

( - Slovenia,Dec-2008--“There is a misconception among people that the .si domain names are malicious. People who have this thought are absolutely wrong and are missing a great opportunity of business success” says Mr. Ales Furlan of

“Earlier, .si domain name was available only for Slovenia. However, today, people around the Globe can register for a .si domain name. This is an excellent opportunity for people around the globe to take

their online business

t an upper level.” Speaking about the advantages of .si domain names. Mr. Ales Furlan said, “everyone knows the fact that today’s Internet is over crowded. Countless numbers of domain names are registered each and every day. Hence it is very much important to be unique. Getting a .si domain for your website will make your website unique and stand out from the crowd.”

When asked about the company, Mr. Ales Furlan said “Apart from the popular domain registration services that we have provided through all these years, we have another update now. Keeping the benefits of the Slovenian domain, has started a new service that offers .si domain name registration. A new page is up for .si domain name registration and it’s available for the public now.”

Speaking on the move, Mr. Ales Furlan said, “We have been on the domain registration field since 2003. We have served countless number of happy clients to get effective and successful domain names. Today, with the inclusion of the .si domain name registration, we are moving one step ahead. All of our clients have experienced excellent customer service and very good technical support. Our superb domain registration service is the best that people can get in this planet and that is clear from the voices of our satisfied clients. We value our client’s hard earned money as much as they do. So we have many payment options available. For the domain registration though us, the clients can select the appropriate payment option that they think is safe.”

He concluded, “When it comes to .si domain registration, there are many scams online. These scams are excellent means to loss your money. When clients loose money, we feel like we loose, that’s why we too are fighting against the scams online. As already said we are providing many safe payment methods too.”

About is the best domain registration service provider in this planet. is the most trusted company, when it comes to domain registration. With the inclusion of the .si domain registration service, the are one step ahead of others now.

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Getting a .si domain is a Great Investment
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