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NIC Mexico Celebrates The 20th Anniversary Of .MX Domains

January 26, 2009; 02:50 AM

Monterrey, NL., January 22th, 2009.- NIC Mexico will celebrate, on February 1st, twenty years of .MX domains with the promotion “One dollar less by every accomplished year”.

NIC Mexico through different efforts, has achieved until now the registration of more than 279,000 .MX domain names, moreover it has accomplished the commitment to place the name of Mexico on Internet and to promote the development of Internet in Mexico, demonstrating also an important growth on the last years.

Since the first .MX domain name ( was registered, on February 1st of 1989, NIC Mexico has been working in an unceasing manner in order to promote the registration of .MX domains. The first 100,000 .MX domain names were reached after 15 years, and three and a half years later 150,000 more, overtaking satisfactory results and projecting promising numbers for the coming years.

“Along these 20 years of experience, we have been doing our best effort in order to deeply understand and attend our customer needs; through the implementation and development of technological and commercial mechanisms, we have continuously looked to improve their satisfaction and experience level when using our services” commented Oscar Robles, NIC Mexico´s CEO.

“.MX domain names growth, not only reflects a major understanding on the importance of having a domain, but it also shows the loyalty and confidence of the Mexican market towards .MX domains; so this time we want to celebrate this achievement together” said Oscar Robles.

For the 20th anniversary celebration, NIC Mexico will be offering on February the promotion “one dollar less by every year accomplished”. Through this promotion, users will be able to register .MX domains with a 20 USD reduction on the regular price for a one year registration.

The price of .MX domains registration, will be available from 15 USD per year during February 1st to the 28th. It is important to mention that additional promotions will be offered by the accredited registrars for .MX domains.

NIC Mexico, with these 20 years of experience, has the endorsement to face greater challenges in the following years.

About NIC Mexico
NIC Mexico is the professional independent organization that manages the country code top level domain .MX. NIC Mexico also registers IP addresses to Internet users in Mexico.



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