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Frank Kousaie Reveals Paranormal Domain Name

January 30, 2009; 03:18 AM

Frank Kousaie has been developing and other domain names for several years and is now offering them to the public. Frank Kousaie is the owner of This domain name was picked out by Frank Kousaie with the help of Mark Mearin.  The paranormal domain name is unique and expected to blossom with each and every day that passes.  Frank Kousaie is offering advertising space on this site for advertisers or other site owners and is also accepting offers from serious buyers as well.

 This domain name will be present in the next Moniker T.R.A.F.F.I.C auction in San Jose, Ca in April 2009.  The reserve asking price is $110,000.  Frank Kousaie has other domain names as well and will talk to serious buyers about special package deals.  Back in September at the T.R.A.F.F.I.C auction held at the Marriot in Brooklyn, NY we saw over $4.5 million in domains name sell as the stock market went on a downward spiral at the very same time."  Domain names are 21st century real estate and going to be worth a fortune says", Mark Mearin of Phoenix, AZ who helps manage people's domain portfolios.  Anyone wishing to get in contact with Mr. Frank Kousaie regarding the paranormal domain name or any others he has in development can email [email protected]




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