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Domain name Ownership vs PPC Advertising The Great Debate

February 19, 2009; 11:09 AM

One Internet expert equates using pay-per-click advertising to renting vs. owning a home

When it comes to Internet marketing for most businesses it is welcome to the grand illusion says Scott Alliy an Internet expert and President of a domain name investment firm.

The costs associated with learning and testing alone can quickly mount into the thousands of dollars for business owners migrating to the Internet in search of new business.

Click fraud is one cost says Mr. Alliy but there are many others costs associated with Pay-Per-Click advertising to also consider.

While great strides have been made to prevent click fraud once rampant in the PPC advertising channel opportunities to abuse the system remain.

As an alternative to the potential losses, low quality visitors and high cost of testing and developing a Pay-Per-Click campaign Mr. Alliy suggests investing in Domain names relating to your business or service or market niche.

"Instead of paying to roll the dice business owners should buy the dice then they can roll them their way and as often as necessary until they win" says Scott.

When you own one or more memorable domain names you can share those domain names to any audience you wish using any combination of advertising media giving you total control of your advertising activities.

Not to say that being able to bid on keywords does not provide you a measure of control over your ad budget but there is the cost incurred of testing to establish the ultimate set of keywords and bid amounts to attract qualified visitors to your website.

Probably the most compelling argument for owning one or more premium quality memorable and attractive domain says Scott is the cost control factor.

When you pay to acquire a domain name you have a one-time fixed cost and can use and profit from that name for years to come. When you apply that same money to clicks once the ad campaign is shut off you have nothing to show for your expense and need to continue to spend even more money to tweak, test and activate your ad campign day after day.

Should you ever decide to sell your business adds Scott domain names are a valuable asset where money spend on PPC advertising provides no attraction to potential buyers.

According to Scott his company tried both marketing avenues and long ago made a decision to invest in memorable domain names relating to their niche market.

We leverage our vast portfolio of carefully selected domain names to increase traffic, produce qualified visitors, encourage word-of-mouth advertising, grow our market presence, and block competition from entering into our space says Scott.

According to Scott the selection and use of multiple premium domain names are the main reasons for the tremendous success that they have realised on sites like a training search engine that has grown to be the premier training and seminar search engine on the Internet.

For more information about how to choose and use domain names to boost traffic and profits to any Online business plese visit or

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