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Afilias Releases Update On The .INFO Domain

.INFO’s success story offers a blueprint for new TLD launches and growth

February 26, 2009; 11:12 AM

DUBLIN, IRELAND – 26 February 2009 - Afilias, a global provider of internet infrastructure services, has released a report highlighting the growth of the .INFO domain and its new developments.  With changes expected for the domain industry in coming year as new top-level domains are introduced, .INFO’s success story allows for reflection on the building of a strong and stable domain with staying power.
“Building a new TLD is hard, long-term work and many elements need to be in place for it to be successful,” said Roland LaPlante, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer for Afilias “This report reveals that over the past eight years, .INFO has proven itself to be not just a globally intuitive path to information on the Net, but an enduring one as well.”

.INFO now has over 5 million registrations and is approaching 4 million active Web sites.   The top regions for registrations are North America (56 percent) and Europe (34 percent).  The report also reveals that .INFO owners are finding genuine value in the domain, as more owners are renewing their names each year. .INFO sites are also attracting many visitors, as shown by the 13,000 .INFOs that are ranked in ALEXA’s most trafficked sites list. 

In addition to statistics on the health of .INFO, the report provides an update on important initiatives undertaken in .INFO over the last year—especially in the security area. Of particular note is .INFO’s successful campaign to curb illegal domain use that has resulted in .INFO being among the “least-phished-in” large domains.  This campaign combined rigorous monitoring and enforcement with a pioneering new Anti-Abuse Policy and serves as a model for other domains.
The full report is available at:
About .INFO
.INFO was the first generic, unrestricted TLD to be launched since .com. Registrations in .INFO first became available in 2001. Since then, .INFO has grown to become the fourth largest gTLD in the world. Domains are currently available in ten Internationalized Domain Name (IDN) scripts.  For more information please visit

About Afilias
Afilias is a global provider of Internet infrastructure services that connect people to their data. Afilias’ reliable, secure, scalable, and globally available technology supports a wide range of applications including Internet domain registry services, Managed DNS, and services in the RFID and supply chain market with its Afilias Discovery Services. For more information on Afilias please visit



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