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One In A Million Domain Names Selling For Millions

March 19, 2009; 04:26 AM

While most of the economy is on it's heels the internet sector is showing signs of life and vitality.

Investors looking for new investment opportunities might consider investing in Real Estate with prices that are actually on the rise . Not traditional Real Estate but electronic Real Estate aka Domain names says an Internet pioneer.

Two blockbuster domain names sales were reported in the last week including which sold for a reported 5.1 million dollars and which sold for a reported 1.7 million dollars.

And these are but two of many recent domain name sales that have exceeded five, six, and even seven figures as shown on the weekly domain name sales charts on an industry news and information portal.

To the daily internet users it seems that the Internet has been around for a while but in truth says Scott Alliy an Internet marketing business consultant the Internet is still evolving as more and more businesses come to understand how and why they will need to have an online presence to survive in a new world consisting of tech savvy consumers.

When it comes to doing business, as in marketing products and services the Internet has not yet arrived claims Scott who predicts that the next few years will produce a flurry of buying, selling and development of thousands of Internet domain names.

Over this same time period we will see a rapidly escalating shift in advertising expenditures from print media to online media and a real push from online retailers and small and large businesses to stake their claim, establish their territory, and build their brand online.

Scott who is President of Allied Internet Solutions Inc. understands the value of the internet as a research and marketing tool as a result of having built what has become the worlds largest training network featuring a hugely popular training search engine.

Several years ago Scott announced the creation of a new business division His company uses this division in conjunction with a domain name search engine to offer prime Internet domain names and websites to interested buyers and or business partners.

Included in the companies vast portfolio of domain names are highly recognizable and brandable names from every industry and business sector.

Investors and businesses can visit to find valuable domain names that they can use to start an online business or add to their existing portfolio of domain names.

As more entrepreneurs and businesses begin to understand the value and benefits of owning premium Internet properties he expects many of their portfolio to be sold and developed into profitable long term businesses.

A partial list of domain names in the company portfolio include,,,,,,, and

These as well as hundreds of other domain names are all available for acquisition of partnership at this time. Who knows which of them might be acquired and become the next big Internet success story asks Scott who adds only time will tell.

For more information or to view the entire list of available domain names being offered please visit

About Us: and are divisions of Allied Internet Solutions Inc.

Allied Internet Solutions Inc. is an Internet marketing and Internet business consulting form offering Internet domain names and Internet marketing and business expertise to help individuals and businesses locate opportunities on the Internet and start, grow and strengthen their online business by providing them expertise in the areas of Web design and development, SEO and Internet business operations.

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