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DotMe Domains Gain Greater Domain Popularity

March 24, 2009; 09:34 AM

2009-03-23 17:36:19 - With the startup sales of the DotMe domain extension setting Internet world records as the fastest ever selling new domain extension, .ME domains continue to take the Internet by storm.

More and more companies are making sure they snap up their brands with the new popular DotMe extension.

.ME domains are ideal for Web 2.0 and Mobile 2.0 enthusiasts and evangelists - a domain extension that serves as a perfect platform for personalized and user-generated content, blogs and for branding. It is about "ME'.

Many domain pundits predict that the DOTME extension could become one of the most valuable domain extensions by 2010, and many companies are evaluating and developing marketing campaigns to showcase their valuable brands with the .ME extension.

Here are latest rank updates from 23 March 2009.

Dot Me domains are performing well compared to other new domain extensions, in the world's top 1 Million domain website list.

Compared to other recently launched extensions:
.ME Has already 442 sites in the web's top 1 Milllion sites!
.ASIA has 108 in the top 1 million.(dot .Asia even launched 3-4 month before .ME did)
.Mobi has 258 in the top 1 million.(dot .Mobi even launched 2 years before .ME did!)

Many notable dotme sites include,, a number of GEO DOTME sites such as,,, among many others,, the leading DOTME online auction and forum site, and the fastest growing online social dating site YOUAND.ME which offers one of the most personalized and secure dating experiences for all its diverse members, as well as some amazing features, all of which have helped YOUAND.ME gain record sign-ups and a very high Alexa ranking and a large presence and visibility on all the major search engines including Google, Yahoo, and MSN.
Steven Sikes, the YOUANDME President, states that he and team had planned to launch an online dating site due to the sudden boom in online dating because of the recesssion. He and his co-founders had some solid domains to launch a dating site, but they decided on YOUAND.ME because of its brandability and it perfectly fit the direction they wanted their dream site to go - a personalized social dating site to make ideal and secure connections. A site where its members could help grow YOUAND.ME with their own content - blogs, photos, videos, and journal and forum enties, as well as ranking dates, and voting on YOUANDME members based on a variety of criteria.

"Utlizing the domain YOUAND.ME," contines Sikes, "was one of our best decisions to date (pardon the pun). Moreover, the DOTME extension has been extremely supportive in our efforts to get ME out there to the global netizens."




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