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.TEL GO Live opening at EuroDNS - Get your .Tel for only 12€

March 24, 2009; 06:22 AM

Luxembourg, 24th February - Following the successful Sunrise and Landrush periods, EuroDNS announces the opening of the .tel Go Live phase at 15:00 UTC.

.tel domain names are now available on a first-come, first-served basis for only 12€ if you register them between now and the end of April at, using the promocode: GOTEL12.

Xavier Buck, CEO of EuroDNS comments "Go-Live pre-registrations have been made possible at EuroDNS since the start of the Sunrise, back in November 2008 to the general public and without restrictions. The same rules apply today and throughout the rest of the Go Live phase. But each domain will be allocated to the first person registering it, on a first-come, first served method".

.tel isn't like any other domain names. It is a new and innovative way to communicate and display contact information, and it offers great services and applications. In only one click you can be in touch with anyone, wherever the person is located on the planet. With .tel, you won't need to change your business or social cards whenever you move jobs, homes or countries. Indeed these changes are directly done online, made live, and visible to all. You can also use your .tel domain to list all of the ways in which your friends or your customers can contact you securely, no matter how many times you change your email addresses, social networks or telecommunications providers.

A .tel domain is a single point of contact easy to manage and to remember. It can be accessed from any browser, search engine and mobile devices.

Tens of thousands of .tel domain names that have already been registered during the trademark reserved period and premium priced period are being populated.

To have a better understanding of .tel, go to:
Stay tuned to and register your .tel now to benefit from the 30% promotion!



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