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Press Releases by, Quintaris Offer Domain Name Pre-Orders in New gTLDs - Partnership Lets Users Stake a Claim to the Internet's Newest Addresses

April 17, 2009; 09:07 AM

(PRWEB) April 16, 2009 -- The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers -- ICANN -- is giving the world the opportunity to operate vast new areas of the Web and compete with existing registries, like .com, .org and .us.

Now, Quintaris, a leading web business consultancy that helps acquire, manage, market and maximize registry value, is partnering with, the market leading domain name acquisition and auction services company to take pre-orders for individual names in any of the new domains.

By placing a pre-order at, you will get in-line early for the best names -- names that can best represent you, your business or your special interest. There is no cost until the name is registered.

"There are already more than 50 new domains that companies, communities and individual investors have pledged to pursue," said Tony Farrow, head of business development at Quintaris. A full list, dynamically updated, is available at either

According to Quintaris, pre-ordering will not only give individuals a chance to stake their claim, it will also serve as a "proof of concept." Consumers will also be able to recommend and pre-order names against gTLDs for which no sponsorship has yet been made public. These "orphan" extensions - recommendations will be accepted - represent additional evidence of market demand.
"Cities like London and Berlin, activities like golf and sport and industries like music and clean tech or green all hope to offer domain names to promote culture and commerce," said Farrow. "A robust pre-order market will guarantee long-term success."

Quintaris is prepared to offer access to aggregated information with those companies, communities and individuals who intend to apply for a gTLDs. No fee structure for access to the data has yet been set.

"We are planning to make available information such as pre-order totals, geographic spread and requested domain names,'' said Farrow, ''but not more broadly at this time."

About Quintaris
Quintaris is a leading web business consultancy. Its 5-point approach, built on expertise earned from long-standing involvement with ICANN and proven success in the domain industry, helps companies, communities and individuals acquire, manage, market and maximize the value of registries or Top Level Domains.

The service offering includes Consulting Services, Registry Operations, Domain Name Auction Services, a Sales Channel and Marketing Support to promote brand and consumer value.

About pioneered the use of auctions to help set market value for internet domain names, making it a leading company in both primary domain name acquisition and secondary market sales. The company offers a complete suite of related services for individuals and corporate domain name holders as well as supporting the registrars and registries that comprise the Internet's infrastructure. Headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, is a member of the family of online enterprises, providing customers with high-quality, high-value online services.




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