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Namesco Hosting Gets The Green Light

April 21, 2009; 08:59 AM

PRLog (Press Release)Apr 21, 2009 – Namesco’s award winning, state-of-the-art website hosting technology has always been renowned for its maximum uptime performance, but it’s now also shown to be a truly green, environmentally friendly solution through energy efficiency. A Namesco customer running a website for a year on their hosting platform, only uses the same amount of power as a regular 100 watt bulb in 28 hours.


Namesco’s efficient website cluster with load-balancing technology saves power, cooling, and space as part of a complete green strategy. The demand for green storage solutions in the hosting industry has been stimulated with exponential data growth and the need for more storage. The traditional approach has been to just add more disks and storage systems to satisfy the demand. However, the proportional increase in requirements for power, cooling, and space, means that eventually the data center limits reach levels where stability and reliability are compromised.

Namesco go beyond storage innovation by working aggressively to make their data centre as efficient as possible. Designed and implemented for maximum resilience and redundancy, the hosting network is located in a secure location in London Docklands. The hosting cluster that was developed with no single point of failure and a unique low energy consumption and load-balancing configuration, ensures the highest levels of availability and speed to streamline data flow for energy efficiency. By encompassing one of the world’s most powerful server configurations with two NetApps FAS6080c Metro Clusters, data can be served at the highest speed.

Network Manager at Namesco, Richard Semmens, leads the company’s strategy for green hosting. “The combination of redundancy and superior monitoring, backed up by a team of expert system administrators on hand 24 hours a day, ensures customers websites, servers and connectivity solutions remain online around the clock.” He adds, “The environmental impact of our hosting technologies was always an important factor when developing our cluster, so that we can do our bit for the environment, and pass on energy savings to our customers”.

Namesco’s stand on green hosting with websites running on as little power as a 100 watt bulb in 28 hours, over 12 months, adds to their unique proposition of maximum uptime guarantee, full multi-platform and scripting flexibility, to raise the industry bar to an even higher level. Partnering with companies such as Zeus for load balancers, Redhat for Linux web servers and Microsoft for Windows hosting cluster technology, Namesco deliver top performing hosting solutions that are always reliable and energy efficient.

For more information about energy efficient website hosting solutions visit or call 0845 363 3630 to speak to the Customer Care Team.


Namesco ( is the 4th largest domain name and hosting provider within the UK domain sector and ranked within the top 50 largest hosting providers in the World.

As a subsidiary company of Dada - listed on the Italian stock market MTA segment STAR (DA.MI) – Namesco is part of the Business Unit DadaPro, which offers companies professional services for online presence and advertising.  

DadaPro manages over 1,000,000 registered domains in over 260 extensions, 22,000 new registrations per month, 500,000 premium e-mail accounts and 300,000 websites hosted on the Hosting platforms.

For additional information please contact Christina Burgess, Marketing Executive:

Main Line:    +44 (0)845 363 3630

Email:            [email protected]





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