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April 22, 2009; 05:51 AM

SAN DIEGO, CA -- 04/21/09 -- Following a string of high-level transactions in the industry, announced the official inventory for a geographic domain auction to be held online and in San Diego at the GEO-Domain EXPO. The lot of travel, tourism, city and global addresses includes rare premiums such as (Spanish for 'world'),,, and to name a few.

"Traditional media is turning to geo-domains to save their skins," says analyst Mike Fiol. "The smart already own their city names, the others are waiting in line now."

Inventory for the event includes everything from landmarks such as and to alternate extensions like,,, and to name a few. Not limited to the U.S. are globals such as,, and

Prices for the 60 addresses in the auction range from $0 on up to $3.35 million, with topping the list. "Continues to be the right time to buy and geographic domains haven't lost value to date. They are stable and the need is growing and vast," adds Fiol.

He cites premium city offerings in the lot as examples of bargains available. This class includes,,,,,, and for those in Texas, tops their choices.

"These GEO domains are priced to sell," comments editor Adam Strong. "We have been waiting for the fruit to get low enough and now here it is, ripe and fresh and chest-high."

The auction is currently open for bids and concludes live from San Diego on the 25th at 4pm PDT. Anyone is eligible to bid and can register to do so by visiting

Strong expects bidding to be heavy. "So many are priced well below where we'd expect them to be. This can create a 'frenzied' atmosphere and with all the recent big sales -- who knows?"

Full inventory is available for viewing via or learn more about the GEO-Domain EXPO by visiting

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