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Rare Domain Name Available Until Tuesday

May 4, 2009; 10:30 AM

SAN DIEGO, CA--(Marketwire - May 4, 2009) - announced yesterday the availability of the premium 'industry' domain,, in its GEO-domain name auction going on now through May 5th .

"For travel, sports, music ticketing services -- there is no better address," says analyst Mike Fiol. "It means instant market share into the massive ticket industry. What is that worth?"

The name was added to a collection that includes fifty-six 'geo' or 'geographic' names like, and the ironically priced for 'No Reserve' -- a name valued at over $500,000.

"The irony is just too good not to bid on that one. Don't you think?" jokes Fiol, adding that similar high-profile 'industry' names like,, and have sold for seven-figures as recently as this week.

All the names are available for bidding online now through May 5th at 12pm PDT when each 'lot' is closed in alphabetical order and bidders are given a final shot to get their city or a generic Internet address like

"Simple supply and demand," concludes Fiol, who also owns and runs "Once they're gone, they're gone and you never see them on the market again. That's real value."

Anyone can take part, visit to register and bid in the event.


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