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Largest Collection of Pet Domains Up For Auction

May 22, 2009; 10:00 AM

Delray Beach, Florida (PRWEB) May 21, 2009 -- Very rarely does an individual or company get an opportunity to acquire assets that will help them dominate an industry. Click Medium is brokering the sale of what could be considered the greatest collection of dog and pet related domains ever. The portfolio of more than 1,000 domains has more than 30,000 unique visitors a month just through direct navigation (type-in) traffic. These domains have never been developed, they have the potential to bring in millions of unique visitors every month.

The names range from generic keyword matching terms such as; and, to more breed specific terms like;, and

It's a great opportunity for any individual breeder to acquire a keyword matching domain that will allow them to easily rank in the top three positions in the search engines for that specific breed.

A larger corporation could also acquire these assets and would essentially have a turn-key advertising platform that would be one of the ten largest on the internet.

Sean Sullivan of Click Medium is brokering the sale of the portfolio. "We're anticipating a lot of interest from both corporations and individual breeders. These domains have huge potential. Their strength is that they're exact keyword matching terms. Every day more than 10,000 people search Google for the term "Puppies For Sale". If you have a domain that matches that term or any of the other highly searched terms, it gives you a huge advantage over your competition."

The domains can be purchased individually or the entire portfolio can be acquired.

Interested parties can view the entire list of domains that are available for sale at

Any offers should be sent to the domains broker Sean Sullivan




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