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NicLine Launches Domain Renewal Promotion

Reduces renewal fees of .eu and .mobi domains for all existing resellers

June 2, 2009; 03:14 AM


During this Domain Renewal Promotion, resellers will be able to renew for one year their .eu domain for 6€ and their .mobi domain for $11. The promotion will be a unique opportunity for all resellers to save and make additional profits.

 “We are offering this promotion to our existing clients to reward their loyalty and show our appreciation for their continuous support”, said Frédérique Brunon, NicLine’s Domain Name Manager.


Since its official launch in April 2006, the .eu domain has become the ninth-largest top-level domain in the world. The .eu domain is available to 500 million Europeans in 27 countries and about 3 million have been registered. The .mobi domain, on the other hand, is the first and only top level internet domain designed to help users find internet content on their mobile phones and have been popular ever since its creation in September 2006. To date, more than 800,000 domains have been registered.

For more details about NicLine's Promotion, visit

About NicLine

NicLine, an ICANN accredited registrar since 2001, offers wholesale domain registration services to ISPs, web design agencies, publicity companies, patent and trademarks agencies, hosting providers and domain sales business in general. The company is one of the fastest growing registrars in Europe, with more than 4,000 active wholesalers; and more than 370,000 registered domains with clients in nearly 90 countries. For more information, please visit



Frédérique Brunon

[email protected]

ICANN Accredited Registrar





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