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NIC Mexico Reaches 300,000 “.MX” Ddomain Name Registrations

June 11, 2009; 06:58 AM

Monterrey, N.L., México, June 11th, of 2009-. NIC Mexico (Network Information Center Mexico), responsible of the administration of .MX ccTLD, announces that has reached 300,000 domain name registrations under .MX (including in this number all the current classifications,,,, y .mx).

As of today, NIC Mexico reached 308,586 domains registered under .MX, strengthening its mission of Placing the name of Mexico on the Internet when allowing more users to be able to promote their ideas, business, and culture.

“With more than 20 years of experience, NIC Mexico has developed a robust technological infrastructure in order to attend our costumer’s specific needs and also to offer them variety on the available services” commented Oscar Robles, NIC México’s CEO. “Always with the intention to support and promote the development of Internet in our country, building along solid bases to achieve each of the drawn up objectives”, he added.

Nowadays, reaching a number greater than 300,000 .MX domain name registrations shows the great growth of this Industry in Mexico. Considering that during this year 2009, there have been requested more than 58,000 registrations under .MX, comparing it with the 15 years that it took to reach the first 100,000 .MX domains. This achievement has been possible through to the joint effort with our more than 150 Accredited Registrars, whom additionally to .MX domain registrations offer a broad variety of services and packages to support those companies, associations and individuals who wants to have presence in the network.

The preference for .MX domain names is rapidly expanding, given that users, whether they are individuals or enterprises, recognize an added value in being able of identifying themselves with Mexico on Internet, at the same time they promote themselves worldwide; among other benefits.
NIC Mexico reports today the following stats of .MX domain name registrations on its different classifications:

•ï€ 86.96%
•ï€ 4.55%
•ï€ 1.87%
•ï€ 1.56%
•ï€ 0.14%
•ï€ .mx: 4.92% *

*In addition to the number of .MX domain name registrations, NIC México reports as of today more than 17,000 requests for registrations directly under .MX (since May 1st, starting date of .MX

Reopening Process). This process is divided in 3 phases, Pre-Registration Period finishes on July 31st of 2009. NIC Mexico continues promoting .MX domain name registrations, gathering enough knowledge to develop and improve its capabilities and abilities, with the main objective to provide a solid support for the .MX domain name administration.

About NIC Mexico
NIC Mexico is the professional independent organization that manages the country code top level domain .MX. NIC Mexico also registers IP addresses to Internet users in Mexico.



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