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Minds + Machines Signs Long-Term Agreement with Packet Clearing House (PCH) to Supply High-Quality DNS

June 22, 2009; 09:24 AM

SYDNEY--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Minds + Machines, a leading provider of top-level domain registry services, and Packet Clearing House (PCH), a leading provider of DNS services, today announced a long-term arrangement to provide DNS for Minds + Machines clients. The combination of Minds + Machines’ newly-built DNS centers and PCH’s existing DNS constellation will provide world-class DNS with full support for IPv6, DNS Security, and Internationalized Domain Names. Local and global service will be provided from more than fifty locations throughout the developed and developing world. DNS will be provided to Minds + Machines customers at no additional cost.

As part of the agreement, PCH will implement Minds + Machines commitment to the environment by ensuring that DNS services provided to Minds + Machines are carbon and energy neutral, and do not contribute to global warming.

“PCH is the gold standard for DNS,” said Antony Van Couvering, CEO of Minds + Machines. “We are delighted to have been able to reach this comprehensive agreement to provide the best DNS to our customers while keeping to our commitment to protect the environment. We look forward to a long relationship with an outstanding organization.”

“In reaching a long-term agreement with Minds + Machines, we are teaming up with an innovative company that cares about its customers and the future of both the Internet and the planet,” said Bill Woodcock, Director of Research at PCH. “We were impressed by their level of commitment and delighted to have this opportunity to build the first carbon and energy balanced DNS network. We are very pleased to be working with Minds + Machines.”

Minds + Machines works internationally with companies, cities, not-for-profits and entrepreneurs to secure and operate new web addresses, known as top-level domains (TLDs). Minds + Machines provides the comprehensive application preparation services necessary to acquire a new TLD, as well as a robust, scalable registry hardware and software platform, used by over twenty TLDs worldwide today. Minds + Machines is know for its customer-friendly approach that is specifically designed to make the process of acquiring and operating new TLDs more accessible, more reliable and less expensive.

Packet Clearing House is a non-profit research institute that supports operations and analysis in the areas of Internet traffic exchange, routing economics, and global network development. Originally formed in 1994 to provide efficient regional and local network interconnection alternatives for the west coast of the United States, PCH has since grown to become the leading proponent of neutral independent network interconnection and provider of services at exchange points worldwide.


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