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Free Whois Privacy Service for Domain Names Registered with LaneChange.Net

LaneChange.Net's free Whois Privacy Service protects the contact information of domain name registrants from being used by Spammers or telemarketers. The Whois Privacy Service replaces the domain name owner's sensitive personal information with generic da

September 4, 2009; 11:10 AM

Ottawa, Ontario, September 1, 2009 -- LaneChange.Net, a complete Internet service solution provider, is now offering its Whois Privacy protection service for free on most top level domain names registered with the company.

Whois privacy service protects the identity of domain name owners by replacing publicly accessible registrant data with generic contact information. Inquires for owner information are directed to a special web site which then captures legitimate contact requests and forwards them to the real domain owner. Domain name owners are alerted to contact requests and retain full control over their domains at all times, while avoiding exposure to excessive Spam, telephone or letter mail marketing.

"When someone registers a domain name, sensitive information such as the owner's name, address, phone number and email address are placed in a publicly accessible database known as the Whois Database. This information is often accessed by Spammers, telemarketers or others and used for undesirable and sometimes illegal purposes. We are now offering Whois Privacy Service for free on most domains registered with LaneChange.Net," said Robert Schwartz, President of LaneChange.Net. "With this service, domain name owners can now protect their sensitive personal contact information and retain complete control over their domain name for no additional charge. Its just one way we are trying to help our customers in these difficult economic times."

Accessing and setting up Whois Privacy Service is easy. Clients who have their domain names registered through LaneChange.Net can self-manage this service through the LaneChange.Net Domain Manager web-based interface.

The Whois Privacy Service is available for the following top level domains: .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .mobi, .name, .cc, .me and .tv for clients with domain names registered through LaneChange.Net. Whois Privacy Service is also available for free on domain names transferred to LaneChange.Net.

For more information on the free Whois Privacy Service, visit:

For more information on transferring a domain name registration to LaneChange.Net, visit:

About LaneChange.Net:
Since 2000, LaneChange.Net ( has provided domain name registration, DNS hosting, email hosting, virus and Spam filtering services, backup email and other hosting services. LaneChange.Net's philosophy is to satisfy clients' requirements with a specific emphasis on personalized and timely customer service. LaneChange.Net supports some 3,500 clients globally, through world-wide data centers. Its head office is located in Ottawa, Canada.

For additional information contact:
Robert Schwartz
613-860-1667 ext.5
800-403-1963 ext.5

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