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European Hosting Giant Launches Huge Sale on .mobi and .im Domain Names

Join the mobile revolution by acquiring a .mobi domain name or centralize your social media activities with a .im domain

September 23, 2009; 01:02 PM

Carlow, Ireland (PRWEB) September 23, 2009 -- Blacknight Solutions, Ireland's best rated and fastest growing registrar and hosting provider, has launched a worldwide sale on .mobi and .im domain names. With unprecedented low pricing - businesses and individuals can make their mark on the mobile web.

For a limited time, customers can register for a .mobi domain for only €6.75 - the lowest price on the web today. They can also register the redhot .im domain name for only €4.95 - a huge savings when compared to everyday prices approaching €45.

.mobi domains are great for companies looking to expand their presence into the mobile world - by far the fastest growing sector in on the web. The .mobi domain allows you to target iPhone, Blackberrys, Google Android phones and much more. With a .mobi extension, you can easily keep your mobile website separate from your main web operations.

"We're seeing a lot of innovative uses for the .mobi domain amongst our customers," said Michele Neylon, founder and Managing Director of Blacknight. "From mobile themed websites to entire Web 2.0 companies, we've been impressed with what people have been able to do with .mobi domains."

In addition to the great sale they have on .mobi, Blacknight is also running a special on .im domains, which are great for creating an online business card or creating a place to have easy access to all your online social media profiles.

"Many people are using .im domains to centralize all their social media profiles, so instead of telling everyone you meet to visit you on Twitter, Facebook, Instant Messenger, etc," said Mr Neylon. "All you have to do is give them your .im address and it will have links to all your online activities."

Blacknight is quickly becoming one of the world's leading webhosts and domain registrars - with a growing business in the European Market Area. They were recently awarded ICANN accreditation which has allowed them to expand into other domain name spaces.

"Our focus has always been providing the best customer service at an affordable price," said Mr Neylon. "If you have a problem, you can easily get a hold of us and we'll be happy to help. We've invested in great customer service - because in the end, that's all that matters."

.mobi sale pricing in other currencies (based on exchange rates on September 20, 2009):

€6.75/$9.91 USD/£6.11

.im sale pricing in other currencies (based on exchange rates on September 20, 2009):

€4.95/$7.27 USD/£4.48

Source: PRWEB



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