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AIT Shifts Bulk Domain Registration Into High Gear & Low Costs

September 24, 2009; 10:49 AM

Instant branding, increased search engine traffic, increased traffic--these three compelling reasons to own a domain name were recently cited by in Seomal Evan's article entitled "3 Reasons to Invest in a Premium Domain Name". Evans, an expert in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), writing for the Whir, further offered his opinion that, "When you consider the fact that 80% of adults in the United States use the internet regularly, it seems like a good investment to spend whatever it takes to purchase a premium domain name."

Clarence Briggs, owner and CEO of AIT Domains or, a subsidiary of AIT Inc. ( "When industry experts are suggesting a simple and easy way for business owners to increase their bottom line, we listen. It isn't difficult to grasp the concept that Domain Name Resellers can profit from this phenomenon by transferring their inventories to AIT Domains. I challenge bulk registrars with large portfolios to "show us your deal" with our competitors. We will not be undersold by other domain registrars." His company announced they would be implementing big discounts for bulk name registrations and transfers furthering their position as the low price leader.

The business of purchasing domains in bulk and then selling that inventory is referred to as “Domaining” which is in some cases extremely lucrative. In 2008, CNN reported the sale of the domain name for a world record price of $9,999,950. Other notable sales within the domain space are which snagged a 7.5 million dollar prices tag while others like closed at 2.9 million. AIT Domains, which was founded on the premise of reselling products and services, cautions those with large portfolios or those who desire to enter the domaining industry regarding hidden fees and unclear pricing models. “We’ve seen pricing that is well below cost for first year registrations, that then lock the customer into a two or three year term with a high renewal rate. Some of these, “promotions” can be up to ten times the industry average when it comes time to renew. Considering that most domainers have dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of domain names this can get very expensive” said Sean A. McCoy, Chief Marketing Officer for AIT Domains.

"I was tired of the bait and switch scams I unwittingly fell victim to, and I consider myself a savvy consumer.", said Landon Jeffries, a bulk registrar who switched companies to take advantage of AIT's premium discounted rates. "Their 24/7 award winning customer support was my first "aha!" moment when I fully realized the difference between AITDomains and the registrar I had worked with previously. I could sense they cared about me as a customer--and the fact that they saved me money was only an added bonus. When you deal with a portfolio of domain names as large as mine, the individual savings amounts to an appreciable reduction in my own out of pocket spending. It saves me time and money, which is in turn a savings I'm able to pass along to my own customers. Doing business with AIT Domains just makes sense." AIT clearly is targeting the bulk registration and Domaining market segment with ultra low pricing and robust management tools.

Jeffries also takes full advantage of the company’s virtual registrar program which allows anyone with a computer and an Internet connection to begin registering domain names for themselves or their customers under their own private label brand. The virtual registrar program’s full suite of features offers a customizable look and feel, online payment processing, fraud screening, name server management and pricing controls. AIT Domains recently announced that it reseller program had reached over eight thousand private label participants in over one hundred and seven countries world wide. The company further stresses the importance of AIT Domains’ reseller program coupled with its tyBit search engine optimization tool ( released earlier this month giving the best of both worlds, low priced domain names and improved natural search engine rankings., a subsidiary of AIT, Inc. provides domain registration services to hundreds of thousands of users throughout the world. Founded in September 1998, [email protected] ( which was renamed to in 2000 provides wholesale domain name registration services for .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, and .us domains. One of the very first companies to receive full certification by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), supports some of the world's leading hosting companies, Internet Service Providers (ISPs), and portal sites. has also collaborated with several affinity partners to offer additional discounts and value-add promotions to its customers. For more information regarding and its lineup of Web business services, visit or call 877-549-2881.



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