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Gossimer Offers the Cheapest .Com Extension

September 25, 2009; 12:29 PM

The first day of October will bring fresh news for all the Internet Marketers and web masters. Everyone related to or interested in buying domains will be excited to know that Gossimer, the New Jersey-based web hosting and domain name registration company, is going to slash the price of dot com domains (.Com). The new .com domain name registration price will be $7.99, which will come in effect on October 01, 2009.

By slashing the price of dot com domains (.com) by $2, Gossimer has made its .com domain cheapest off-the-shelf domain in the industry. In the market that is highly competitive, Gossimer, the world’s fastest growing domain registration company, has created a big tumult with this new domain name promotion. The competitive water is going to be red again, and this time, Gossimer will be sitting atop the competition with a broad smile and the cheapest .com domains.

“The October promotion will take the fight to the competitors’ backyard. After putting everything in place and shedding extra pounds of flesh, we decided to give our users a unique price. The price which has never been offered before,” said Marvin Dreyer, CEO of Gossimer. He further added, “By reducing our price by $2, we have made our .com domain name the cheapest dot com domain name in the industry.”

After announcing the feature-rich, low-cost web hosting plan with unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth, Gossimer went on to announce this new promotion, which has given clear indication of the company’s future plan. The company’s strategy to rope in the new entrants as well as big domain portfolio owners has pushed it to raise the competitive barrier by lowering its price. The Ultimate Hosting Plan was the first offering in this direction followed by the launch of $1 per month unlimited e-mail accounts.

In the last couple of months, Gossimer has moved towards consolidating its product portfolio, and shedding the extra weight it had, as a result of a change in the strategy, Live Chat services went out of the window. Every move of the company appears calculated, and with each new offering, Gossimer is plotting an additional dot on the strategy map.




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