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Gossimer’s Expands to Reach Florida

September 28, 2009; 12:41 PM

Gossimer, the fastest growing web hosting and domain name registration company, is growing by leaps and bounds, and this growth had required that Gossimer moves to a better and bigger place. From October 01, 2009, the fastest growing web site hosting company will run its business from Melbourne, Florida.

This shift can be seen as the extension of strategy that Gossimer has adopted in the recent months. Gossimer decided to shift its base to Melbourne, Florida because of the security and the tax advantage the company will get by operating out of Florida. The company is planning to pass the benefit thus gained to its customers by hiring more support staffs. A part of the savings will also go into developing business for Gossimer by reaching out to more people.

“This shift can be seen as our attempt to reduce the cost of operation,” said Marvin Dreyer, CEO of Gossimer. He went on to add, “Cost cutting Gossimer has always been one of the concerns for Gossimer because this is how one reduces the overhead to pass on the bucks to customers. A lower cost of operation helps any company provide better value to its customers, and this made us shift our base.”

In the recent months, Gossimer has trimmed down its various products in order to make its products limitless without levying any additional charges on customers.

The Ultimate Email Plan is one such service, which offers unlimited space at just $1/month. This product launch was preceded and followed by similar quite a few offers, most recent of them is the cheapest off-the-shelf .com (dot com) domain names.

“Our pricing and unlimited products must have indicated the move Gossimer is making,” said Marvin Dreyer, “We have consciously decided to leave the unprofitable center and move to the niches. Thankfully, we found a price point which will help us attract two very profitable customers: domain portfolio owners and new entrants. Both of them look for cheap products with every possible service.”

Gossimer has tremendously gained from this shift in focus and the growth became so rapid that New Jersey failed to contain the company, and as a result of which Gossimer is shifting completely to Melbourne, Florida on October 01, 2009.




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