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New Deals Make Gossimer Bigger, Better and Smarter

October is going to be hot with offers, extended support, and enhanced serviceability, as Gossimer has acquired HiTek Networks, and launched new and improved Support desk. The web hosting world is abuzz by the two important developments in Gossimer.

October 2, 2009; 12:20 PM

Melbourne, FL, October 02, 2009 -- Gossimer, the fastest growing web hosting and domain name registration company, is midst of thick of things, lately. Two important developments have taken shape lately, which will come in effect from October 01, 2009. The first is the Gossimer’s acquisition of HiTek Networks’ customer and reseller base, and the second is the launch of improved Gossimer Support Desk. Both these development will make the web hosting company more agile, and nimble.

From October 01, 2009, all the HiTek Networks’ customers and resellers will enjoy the superior infrastructure and world-class technical and general support of Gossimer as the final step of merging customers and resellers of HiTek Networks with Gossimer’s own customer and reseller base will be complete. From October, the customers and resellers of HiTek Networks will become an integral part of Gossimer.

“We are glad that we struck a chord with HiTek Networks, which helped us in getting all its customers as well as resellers. This acquisition will help us [Gossimer] gain better visibility,” said Marvin Dreyer, CEO of Gossimer, “As a direct result of this acquisition, our capacity has doubled and so has our customer base. HiTek Networks is a good bet.”

October will bring lot of change for us, for our customers, and our resellers. As the news is out, we are shifting to Melbourne, Florida.” He further went on to add.

The second important development has been the launch of the improved Gossimer Support Desk, which will enable Gossimer help its customers and resellers in the real time. Gossimer has added live chat feature to help customers and resellers by providing real time support and solutions to their problems. The knowledgebase of the company has also been updated, and now it covers a whole lot of topics. There have been many small and big changes in the support desk, which will enhance the customers’ experience and enable the support staffs in solving the customers’ problem.

“The new location we have shifted to, and the new systems that we have installed have made it possible for us to boost our support system. Now, we can provide practically unlimited support. The new system is very scalable,” said Marvin Dreyer.

In the wake of these remarkable developments, it is important to note that from October 01, 2009, Gossimer is also lowering the price of its off-the-shelf dot com (.com), dot net (.net), dot org (.org) and dot biz (.biz) domain names by $2. The new .com, .net, .org, .biz domain name registration price will be $7.99 for the entire month of October, which will be the cheapest in the category.

About Gossimer, LLC

Gossimer is a full-feature, fastest growing domain name registration and webhosting company. Since 2001, Gossimer is providing web hosting, email hosting, and domain registration services from New Jersey. The company is well known for its exceptionally responsive customer support, knowledgeable technical support, server uptime, and attractive web hosting packages.




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